Cougar Call

Volume 1, Issue 6

What is your tradition?

Most wake up to the glorious smell of all the food. It is Thanksgiving Day; a day full of thanks and spending time with family. Some individuals think Thanksgiving is just about the food you get to stuff your face with, a free day to watch football, or even just another day of the year. Although making exciting traditions and memories is part of the celebration, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks to others and spending quality time with your family. Everyone does not have the same traditions on Thanksgiving; so, what’s your tradition?

“Eating with my family is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. We eat deviled eggs, dressing, turkey, corn, fruit, and other stuff. My favorite thing my grandmother cooks is deviled eggs. After we eat, I have to sit down and watch football because I have no choice.” Elementary student Savannah Stanton said.

As we all grow older views of every holiday begin to change. Our minds develop more and we began to mature. Traditions, once fun or boring, may become mundane or exciting.

“On Thanksgiving we always watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning, and later we watch football. But my favorite thing is actually cooking the meal with my family.” High school student Anne Marie Hildebrant said.

Once we become adults, we begin to think more in-depth concerning life and traditions. We begin to realize how the real world is and not to take time for granted. Thanksgiving becomes a great day to simply slow down and enjoy.

“We always get up together on Thanksgiving Eve to share a meal with friends and family. That way we all have Thanksgiving Day free. I usually sleep in, get up when I wake up, bundle up on the couch and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, eat leftovers, and watch football all afternoon.” Staff member Carole Tyler said.

As Thanksgiving day comes to an end, everyone begins to say good bye and go off on his/her own ways. Everyone gets tired and way too full. When everyone makes his/her way home they all crawl into bed and sleep the night away dreaming of next year’s Thanksgiving.

By: JaDe Padgett


Piedmont Academy’s One-Act Play cast and crew took top honors in the GISA Region 4AA competition on Thursday, November 6, in Augusta, Georgia. The group now advances to the GISA AA State competition which will be held on Tuesday, November 18, at Darton College in Albany, Georgia.

The group received first place rankings from the three judges, who gave the group a total score of 283 out of 300. This placed the Piedmont troupe far above the other competitors from Briarwood Academy and Brentwood School.

Region judges named Piedmont seniors Gabe Courtman and Cameron Hallman and sophomore Will Tillman as three of the five recipients of Outstanding Performance awards for Region 4AA. The judges also named Morgan Leach, Maddie Mooneyham, and Chase Olson as actors who deserved an honorable mention at the awards program. This year the students of Piedmont’s troupe performed The End of Civilization As We Know It by Mark Kaufmann, a short comedy about high school seniors on the morning of their dreaded history final.

Rounding out the main cast members were Steve Martin, Andrew Mitchell, Nick Maynard, and Danny Ramsdell. Helping on stage with non-speaking roles were Chris Cain, Summer Collins, Matti Smith, and Bridgette Phillips. Helping with set-up and strike were Cheyenne Galloway, Marissa Mooneyham, and Hank Strickland. The two technical crew members were Chris McClain in sound and PJ Leonetti in lights.

Piedmont teacher and literary coordinator Bobbi Sauls was the director of this play. Assisting with various aspects of the production was Piedmont teacher and Fine Arts officer Mary Ramsdell, and they were supported at region competition by the attendance of set driver David Odegaard, Headmaster Tony Tanner, bus driver Tony Wild, and Piedmont alumnus Micah Tyler.

Offering their support to the students on the day of region competition were parents Dana and David Leach, Rebekah Mitchell, and Kathy Mooneyham.

Courtesy of Ms. Bobbi Sauls

Friday Night Football

The Piedmont Academy Cougars Varsity Football Team beat the Flint River Wildcats on October 31st. Hunter Knox led the offense with 26 carries, 276 rushing yards, and four touchdowns. This was a season high for Knox. Jeremiah Dave was right behind Knox, finishing the game with 114 yards and two touchdowns. Leading the defense were Gavin Edge and Chris Cain. Edge had 17 tackles, three of which were tackles for loss, including one sack. Cain finished the game with 15 tackles, ten of which were solo.

The Cougars first opponent in the first round of the state playoffs was the Robert Toombs Crusaders. The Cougars played a tough game beating the Crusaders 28-14.

The Cougars next opponent will be the Monsignor Donovan Rams. The game will be played at Cougar Field at 7:30, Friday, October 21.

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1AA Region Champs

The Cougars after winning the Region 1AA Championship game against the Flint River Wildcats

History in the Making ; First Competition Squad Competes

Fifteen girls worked hard for over five months for this moment. The moment came. They were in line ready; however, they were trembling with fear and excitement. The announcer called, “Please welcome Piedmont Academy!” The girls walked the red carpet to the back of the cheer mats. The announcer then said “Piedmont, you may take the floor.” All fifteen girls took the floor spiriting to their spots where they got set with their heads down. As the nerves were taking over the girls, the announcer announced one last time “Piedmont your music is now on.”

Competition Cheerleading is new to the Piedmont family. Fifteen girls committed to this sport. The girls took the summer to work hard with Coach Emily Hammock for two hours, three times a week. As the school year began, the girls stayed after school for two or more hours a day to improve their routine. As a result, bonds and character were built.

“We wanted to develop the skill for the sport of cheerleading. Since competition is a competitive sport, we wanted to join the ‘now’ time. We also wanted to do it for the girls and for the school in order to help build character and lifelong friendships,” Coach Tonya Coe said.

The girls sat in a room for a few hours before their competition time came. Teams were asked to stay in their assigned room until their time to go to the practice gym to perform. Nine o’clock was when Piedmont took the practice floor. Practicing on the practice floor only lasted ten minutes per team. Only two out of the fifteen girls had ever competed in a competition, so thirteen girls were experiencing this event for the first time.

“It was an amazing new experience that I was privileged to be a part of. It was tiring and exiting all at once, leaving me with a huge feeling of accomplishment after we concluded,” senior Dana Wright said.

“My first year of competition cheerleading was a blast! It was so different, but in a good way. I love my whole team and it has been a great experience. I loved getting close to new friends and I cannot wait to do this again next year,” freshman Emma Kate Edmonds said.

The girls took the floor and were asked to try their hardest and that is what they did. They only had two minutes and thirty seconds to perform their hearts out. The routine had to include the following: an elite stunt sequence, a pyramid, a jump sequence, running and standing tumbling, a cheer, and a dance. All fifteen girls shocked the crowed and themselves by doing better than expected. The girls and the coaches surpassed the goals they had set for this first competition.

“My goal is just to go out and have a good season. We are a first year squad; we are not going to win every competition. Honestly, I just want us to beat our own score each time we take the mats. I’m not worried about Gatewood, John Millidge, LCA, or even Bullock. I’m focusing on my school, my squad, and what I think we can achieve. I guess you can say my main goal is just to do what we can do. What’s going to happen is going to happen. There is no way around it,” junior Alex Stanton said.

Two minutes and thirty seconds passed. The girls did it. The trembling in fear was over. They hit all their stunts, unlike the other squads, and tried their hardest as they were asked to do. When the routine was over, each girl walked off those mats with a smile of achievement on her face. The crowd and coaches smiled because they were so proud of how far the team came and how hard they tried. It was over. The girls gained an extreme confidence boost from comments from parents, coaches, other competitors, other coaches, and, most of all, all three judges. The squad walked away with confidence and a desire to keep improving.

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Top: Meg Collins, Bridgette Phillips, Emma Kate Edmonds, Railey Holloway, Baylin Whitiker, Sydney Davis, Grace Roberts, Coach Coe, Coach Harmon

Bottom: Alex Stanton, Caitlin Young, Dana Wright, JaDe' Padgett, Parker Kelly, Sara Hammonds

Sitting: Summer Collins, Taylor Patterson

Basketball Program Wants Respect

Coach Michael Wilson states “This year’s main focus in the basketball program as a whole is proving doubters wrong in being able to be successful in basketball. We want the teams to prove they can be successful by the wins during the season.” The school basketball program has not been taken very seriously since years ago when the Piedmont Academy’s 2011- 2012 varsity boys’ basketball team won the region championship; still, after that last success, the whole program has seen little success on their court. Now that there is whole different coaching staff, expectations and standards will be raised for the teams.

The new middle and high school girls’ coach, Coach Kirstie Lewis, seems to be stoked about the season to come. Coach Lewis says “ Since I have never coached a basketball team or assisted them on the sidelines or in practice, I am still trying to figure out what Coach Wilson wants me to do and also how to be beneficial to the team in making them all the best they can be.” Coach Lewis is still learning the whole coaching process but with her general idea of the game, she continues to learn more and get more excited as the season approaches. Coach Lewis states “The varsity season will go quite well because of the strong athletes mentally and physically with preparations of both the coaches and the players. The middle school team is full of strong females in general, and the girls seem ready to work hard and learn.”

Coach Wilson also seems very thrilled to be a part of the basketball program again this year. He says the season will be a success for every team with the new and experienced members of the teams; also, he says he is ready to take on the season with his new assistant coaches as he states “I am very excited to work with Kirstie because she is full of basketball knowledge, energy, and has high expectations. She is a tremendous addition to the Piedmont Academy community. Coach Mike McCart also brings skill and experience to the boys’ middle school team which helps me out a lot. Also, with such great assistants, it allows me to have free time to work with individuals.”

Coach Wilson’s main focus for the program is to continue to develop student athletes and to provide a positive example to each of the players. I am also focusing on helping to reinforce strong morals and ethics. On the physical level, Coach Wilson says “Defense is a major key to being a successful basketball team and that will be a major point in our program.” Coach Wilson believes defense will win ball games and essentially win championships.

The Piedmont basketball teams will endeavor to bring new respect to our well established programs. The new coaching staff will be a milestone for the basketball program. The coaches bring a whole new enthusiasm and attitude to the teams that will, hopefully, transfer to the fans and the players. With the new outlooks and focus on the teams’ defenses and desire for success the Cougars’ program will become a program to be reckoned with on the court this year.

By: Haley Tyler

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Mr. Robotic

Piedmont Academy’s Robotics Team competed in the Georgia BEST Robotics Competition on October 25 at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta. In the robot performance category, the team finished in fourth place out of seventeen participants. Over the course of the six-week period leading up to the competition, PAC team members designed, built, tested, and modified a robot that could perform tasks defined by the rules of the competition. In addition, they submitted a notebook that contained a report on the design processes they undertook to create their robot, as well as a report on the theme of the 2014 competition - "the transportation and assembly of oversized and overweight structures. " Piedmont’s team members were P. J. Leonetti, Michael Davis, Danny Ramsdell, J. T. Hardin, Alina Jablonski, Mari Jablonski, and Garret King.

Compliments of: Judy Nelson

Math Team Competes

On October 29, Chase Olson and Alina Jablonski participated in the Kennesaw State University Mathematics Competition. The competition is a contest between individual students from Georgia’s public and private high schools.

On November 8, Piedmont’s mathematics team competed in the Mercer University High School Mathematics Contest. The team finished in third place out of the six GISA schools in attendance. PAC’s team members were P. J. Leonetti, Chase Olson, Steve Martin, and Alina Jablonski.

Compliments of Judy Nelson

King Tut

Unlocking the secrets of King Tut's tomb has been the seventh grade writing challenge in Ms. Elizabeth Davis's English class. After watching a National Geographic special, students wrote a summary about what they learned from the excavation of the tomb. They then practiced "Virtual Mummy Simulation" using freshly sliced apples. Changes in the look and weight of the fruit were documented in science class and presented in the English paper. They then had to "construct" an item which the pharaohs might place in their tombs for the Afterlife. Some students made fishing poles, tasty new recipes, and origami creations to share with the class. They also examined papyrus, a plant that the Egyptians used for paper and actual Egyptian currency and coins.

Compliments of: Judy Nelson

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Mari Jablonski, Emily Adamczyk, Mackenzie Rodgers, Gracie Black, Jordan Camp, Kelsey Leach, Ashton Mooney, Caleb Coffee, Eli Waits, Mackensie Johnston, Payton Wallace, Trent Coots, Owen Brady

Kindergarten Takes on the Grand Opera House

Piedmont Academy's pre-school and parents traveled to the Macon Grand Opera House to see Darwin The Dinosaur by Lightwire Productions. The program was seen on America’s Got Talent television show. It was visually stunning and the young students, as well as the adults, thoroughly enjoyed the show. Afterwards, the students enjoyed having lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

Courtesy of Ms. Judy Nelson

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Pictured: FR: Nicholas Chapko, Isaac Lockett, Ryder Selman, Austin Anglin, Abby Moore, Bella Harden, Sarah Ellen Stroud, McKenna Brown, Helen Downs

BR: Tammy Chapko, Daniel Lockett, Jeanie Lockett, Ashli Anglin, Loree Selman, Mary Ramsdell, Lindsay Moore, Brian Brown, Jamie Downs, Wade Stroud

Piedmont Opinion

All over America, citizens will enjoy their turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, and assorted pies. But how exactly do they cook their turkeys? Most students and teachers from Piedmont would say they like it roasted. However, not all regions of the United States even eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Some think of big plates of sea food for the holidays.

For example, Maine is known for having stuffed lobster on their tables on Thanksgiving. Deep- fried turkeys, originating in Louisiana and Kentucky in the 1930's, are popular in the South. New England tends to eat mussels on Thanksgiving. Californians lean towards grilled turkey.

Every region has their own traditions for the holidays. Either way, families will enjoy a day together around a table filled with long- awaited treats.

Sarah Holland

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Turkey Dinner

Piedmont Academy’s kindergarten enjoyed a very special Thanksgiving meal prepared by the wonderful cafeteria staff. The meal consisted of turkey, green bean casserole, cornbread dressing, sweet potatoes, and rolls. The students thought their lunch was delicious! They celebrated the lunch by making and wearing festive turkey hats. The students are in Mrs. Julie Tucker and Mrs. Renee Tillman’s class.

Courtesy of Ms. Judy Nelson

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FR: Coby Cook, Tripp McMichael, Taylor Maddox, Mary Myles, Isabel White, bailey Pittman, Carly Maddox, Trey Duvall

2nd Row: Cotton Young, Jake Johnson, Rayce Vaughn, Corbett Crews, Ella Satterwhite, Taylor Jo Wilson, Brayden Lewis

Back Row: Wendy Wood, Lori Potts, Alison Hildebrant

Thanksgiving Shenanigans

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to attempt to extend the Christmas shopping season by moving Thanksgiving to the 2nd to last week in November. It must have sounded like a good idea at the time, but the change turned into complete chaos. Half the states went along with the new thanksgiving dates, but the other half disagreed with the change and kept the old date of the last week in November. Texas on the other hand decided to be unique and take both days as a holiday.

Congress realized that changing the date was a huge mistake. In a stroke of random genius congress decided to pass a law stating the entire nation would celebrate thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. We see it as a stroke of genius because the fourth Thursday in November is sometimes on the 2nd to last week, and sometimes it is on the last week.

Alex Stanton

Paws at a Glance

November 19:

•ASVAB @8:45

•Shooting competition with Gatewood Academy

•November 20:

•Mid Quarter

•November 21:

•Shotgun team selling chicken biscuits

  • Football semi-finals vs. Monsignor Donovan 7:30 at Cougar Field

•Dismiss at 12:30

•November 22:

•State Cheer Competition meet @John Milledge Academy

November 23-25:

  • Y-Club Youth Assembly (9-12th grades)

November 24-29:

  • Thanksgiving Break

November 28:

  • Football State finals

November 29:

  • FCA selling programs @ Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game

December 2:

  • PTO Meeting @ 3:30

December 4:

  • Elementary Christmas Program


  • Shooting Team target meet @ Forest City Gun Club