Tech Tip Tuesdays

From your Mt. Hebron Media Center! v.4

TTT#4 - Be A Wrap Artist!

Believe it or not, one of the most common problems we see in the media center has to do with cables! Frayed loose wires can mute sound, kill displays, and even cause fires! If you have a fraying power cord, don't wait until it snaps before you report it to one of us! It's important to get it fixed right away. Apple has even admitted that their Magsafe power adapters are faulty. Here are some tips you should know to preserve your cables!

1 . The right way to Mac wrap: Always give yourself a little breathing room on the end of your Macbook before gently wrapping it around your cable catchers. Click here to watch the proper technique.

2. Over & under: Which ever cable you use, the best method is to give a slight twist in each direction as you loop. This helps keep the outer cable from fraying - it's braided wire underneath, and so using this method keeps the cable from being over twisted in one direction and kinking. It takes a bit of practice at first, but soon you'll be wrapping like a pro! Click here to see another tutorial on the method.

3. Binder clips, scotch tape, velrco, twist ties: Using binder clips, rubber bands, velcro, or a small wire twist tie (think garbage bag) to secure your wrap is very effective on small cords like earbuds and auxillary cables. Small binder clips can also clip your earbuds to your stuff! If you don't use the cable often, you can use scotch tape to secure it (using the non sticky side). Here's my favorite quick video covering several methods on wrapping cables like a pro.