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The Challenge

This is a great app for students to have the ability to capture their learning through videos and pictures that can be shared with parents via email. Seesaw is great for hands-on activities that parents don't always get the chance to see!
Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview

Use the Seesaw Teacher Checklist to create your account now! (Seesaw Checklist can also be found on the website)

Seesaw Getting Started Checklist

  • Create Your Classes
    After signing up for Seesaw, you’ll be prompted to create your first class. If your students have Google accounts and know their username/password, you can set up your class with Google Sign In. Otherwise, use Class Code sign in mode, which lets students to sign in to your class without the hassle of usernames and passwords.

  • Configure Your Class Settings
    Seesaw lets you set up your class in the way that works best for you. If you want to customize your class settings, tap on Your Profile Icon > Manage Class. You may want to review:

  • Student sign in mode: In Class Code sign in mode, you can choose between “Classroom Sign In” which works best for shared devices, or “Individual Student Sign in” which works best for 1:1 devices. If you’ve decided to use Google account sign in, you’re good to go!

  • Can students see each other’s work: Seesaw provides an audience for student work, which can include peers. Decide if students can see other student’s journals in your class, or if students can only see their own work.

  • Student likes and comments: Decide if students can like or comment on journal entries.

  • Get Your Students Signed In

  • In Class Code Mode: Enter the names of all the students in your class before you begin using Seesaw with students. First names are fine. You can enter names in the Seesaw app or on the website. Once you’ve got your students set up, print out the Classroom QR Code poster (we’ll send it to you via email) so students can sign into Seesaw on their own.

  • In Google Sign In Mode: If you’re using Google accounts, students will log in to their Google account and join your class the first time they use Seesaw. You do not need to type in names/emails yourself. Get the Join Code for your class from the teacher app and share it with your students.

  • Have Students Add Their First Item

The easiest way to get started with Seesaw is to add a photo of an activity your students have already completed. Take a photo of a worksheet or art project, optionally record some audio reflection or explanation, and you’ve started using Seesaw!

REMEMBER: Once you've complete this tech challenge with your class Twitter your work at #HETechChallenges!

If you’re looking for activities to try with Seesaw, we have ideas on our Teacher Resource Center at


  • Email Sign in for Students: Students can now sign in to Seesaw using an email address and password, even if your school doesn't have Google Accounts. Learn more.
  • See Which Parents Have Seen What: Teachers now can see which parents have seen which Seesaw journal entries. This is only visible to teachers, and displayed beneath each item.
  • Improved Drawing Editing: Students can now edit existing drawings, instead of having to start over.
  • iOS 9 Support: New OS, new bug fixes. Please update to Seesaw 2.1 if you upgrade to iOS 9.