Indian Creek PK News

November 2-November 6

School Pictures Thursday November 5th

Start thinking about what you would like your child to wear for school pictures. We will take our pictures on THURSDAY NOVEMBER 5th. We have sent home envelopes from the photographers with package types, and how much the packages cost. Remember the Winter Holidays are around the corner and sharing your child's picture with family can be a source of great joy and pride.

Classroom News

We are in our fourth unit -Community. Our key concept is getting along with each other. We are learning about our neighborhood this week. We will be finishing up letters that are made by straight lines-L, F,E, H, T and I. In order to make this more fun, on Friday, your child will get to bring an item from home in a show and tell bag (a brown paper bag). Our letter for this week will be letter I. Please send it to school on Friday for show and tell.

We will also be working on counting one to six objects in a set. We will focus on numeral 6 , sorting objects based on attributes (color, size, texture and shape), learning about hexagons and reviewing all the shapes we have learned to this date.

Please send empty candy wrappers to school. We will use them as environmental print and for graphing the following week.

Letter of the Week is I - Put something that starts with I in the brown paper bag

Your child's teacher will send home a brown paper bag in your child's folder on Thursdays for you to place an item that starts with the letter of the week for Show and Tell on Friday. Please make sure the item fits in the paper bag. Nothing bigger. When we are finished on Friday with the item, we will send the item back with the child in their backpack or folder and keep the bags to send out the following Thursday. If you don't have an item you can draw a picture with your child of an item that starts with that letter.

Please make sure this is a school appropriate item to show students.

Examples for Letter I: ivy, iron,ice and iguana

Enchanted Learning has a picture dictionary- if you need other ideas

Report Cards

This week report cards come home. For report cards, LISD does electronic report cards. If you should desire a paper copy you will need to go into SKYWARD and check the box for a paper report card. Teachers will not know if you have or have not checked the box in SKYWARD. When report cards are released you will get a white envelope and you will need to sign the front of the envelope to say that you have seen it in skyward.

Steps to seeing the report card in SKYWARD.

1.Go to

2. On LISD's home page look for the symbol at the top marked SKYWARD.

3. Click, sign into SKYWARD with your family ID and Password (Teachers do not have this information. You will need to go to the office to get the information if you do not have it.)

4. Once in SKYWARD, click on the menu bar tab labeled Portfolio

5.Click on 2016 Indian Creek ES Report Card. This opens the report card. You can then save it or print it as you see fit.

Beat the Candy High with Switch Witch

With Mrs. Freedenberg's classes, she has been speaking of Switch Witch. She is a witch that lives in a candy house. The house gets eaten by little monsters. So, on Halloween night she asks all children to give up their candy, except for 5 pieces ,to help her rebuild her house. She want the children to put their candy in a big bag and place it outside the front door. Then she flies by and picks up their candy and leaves them a small inexpensive toy for their candy.

Parents, there is an actual book called Switch Witch by Charity O'Neill-O'Kane. We know that everything we read is true.This well crafted tale gives you a way of getting rid of the candy and giving your child a token gift. Use your child's imagination to your advantage.

For Our Whole Day Parents


We need your assistance with lunch boxes. We need to have your child's two meals CLEARLY marked. On the container write BREAKFAST and LUNCH.

Please wash nap time blankets and return to school on Monday. There is nothing like napping on clean fresh bedding.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Rosalind Freedenberg

AM/PM Half Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


For Text Messaging please e-mail teacher for instructions

Twitter Handle @Rfreedenberg

Mrs. Heather Castillo

Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


Ms. Jordan Hurley

PPCD Teacher

Office 469-713-5180