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Taking The Fight to Cancer - Alternative Treatments


When dealing with cancer, there can be many approaches to choose from. The one that is chosen can be as different as the underlying problems that led to the cancer's development in the first place. As such, the specific method needed for individual cancer treatments may vary from the more traditional approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments, to alternative cancer treatments such as detoxification, nutrition, and lower levels of chemotherapy.

The Need for Alternative Cancer Treatments

While traditional approaches, such as high dosage chemotherapy, are proven to be largely effective methods for dealing with tumor growth and metastasized cancer cells, there may be reasons to not employ them. Examples of this would be a a person's health complicating the likely rate of success. Furthermore, these treatments, while effective in dealing with the symptoms, do not necessarily help with the underlying issues that lead to the cancerous development in the first place. Because of this, less immediately damaging treatments may be needed as well as a more holistic approach to dealing with the cancer.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Methods


The body's immune system is actually capable of fighting off many cancerous cells before they become a problem in the first place. When it is unable to deal with some forms, this could be because of a deficiency in nutrition to a specific or broad level. As such, correcting nutritional deficiencies can help make the body strong enough to aid in the battle it is waging against the cancerous invader. Many medicines are made to work with the immune system itself and can be a long term solution to cancer recurrence once it is destroyed. Vitamin supplements as well as structured dietary changes can prove to be a simple and effective way to manage nutritional gaps.


In both the natural environment as well as the man-made environment, toxins can abound and some are known to be carcinogenic in nature. While traditional cancer treatments may deal with the cancer, they may leave the toxins present or even potentially exacerbate their effect in the body. As such, using detoxification methods, strictly monitored, can aid in taking care of the toxin issue and can lead to traditional methods being more effective with less damage.


Depending on the circumstances, as cancers can be caused by many causes at once, it can be appropriate to use a combination approach. Nutrition aids in the natural defence that the body possesses. Detoxification can remove persistent toxins that are aiding in cancerous developments, and traditional methods can take care of the existing cancers. As a result of this approach, it may be possible to use lower dosages of traditional cancer treatments.