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It’s time to give back to the planet with a Prisha home

A recent article I had read had given me food for thought, for it re-iterated the damage we had done with our way of life. This lifestyle continually liked to take from the earth, but never give back. I likened it to having your birthday everyday where friends gave you gifts, while they expectantly wait for a return gift, where none is forthcoming. That was how we treated the environment, we plunder and steal without ever atoning.

It was time to take a stand. A time to make good all the trouble we had caused, or doomsday will be upon us sooner than we think. Discussing the very thing with a friend, he told me that a good way to pay the planet back was to choose to live in an eco-friendly home. Rather intrigued by it all, I looked this up online and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were Bangalore properties that offered the very thing!

Enthused by this, I found out that Prisha Properties was at the forefront of this movement and that these developers in Bangalore even offered four properties in Bangalore that were ahead of the green curve. These properties were, Orchids on Thanisandra Road, Hanging Gardens in Hebbal, Bhuvana Greens near Sarjapur Road & Golden Valley off NICE Road. Wow, simply wow, I thought to myself!

Further research revealed that Prisha embraced a whole host of eco-friendly measures as promised. Beginning from the top, all of their apartments for sale in Bangalore strived to use almost 50% eco-friendly materials in their constructions. A quite noble move indeed. Besides, with the new ventilation system, and the deployment of carpets, paints and adhesives which are lower in volatile organic compounds, the air quality was bound to be healthier at every one of their properties. That aside, every Prisha property was also designed to place a smaller burden on natural resources. While this helped preserve the planet, it also helped ensure that residents incurred lesser costs for these resources. To round it all off, the homes from these developers in Bangalore offered comfortable and luxurious living spaces, which when combined with the fine amenities on offer, assured residents of a wholesome and complete living experience.

Right that minute, I resolved that my next home would most definitely be a Prisha one. You could live the responsible, eco-friendly life too, go to for more details.