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Friday, January 19th, 2018

4th Grade Chorus

It's almost our time! Our team will have the opportunity to be part of the Spring 4th Grade Chorus. Ms. Phillips will be offering permission slips to kids during our regular music class. Mrs. Cerne will lead the chorus. They will meet every day 4, from 2:25 to 3:00, beginning February 12th (as long as we don't have any snow days between now and then).

Student Government Spirit Week ~ Winter Blues 2018

Monday, January 22nd ~ BLUE MONDAY - Wear everything blue!

Tuesday, January 23rd ~TACKY TUESDAY - Wear your most outrageous, unmatching outfit!

Wednesday, January 24th ~ HAT & SWEETS DAY - Wear a fun hat and chew gum!

Thursday, January 25th ~ COMFY COZY DAY - Wear your most comfy clothes or PJs.

Friday, January 26th ~ NEON FRIDAY - Get rid of the winter blues and wear bright colors.


Order forms have been stuffed in Friday Folders. Please note that all orders are due by Friday, February 2nd whether you're ordering online or sending in the traditional order.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Please ask your child about our new structure! We have a daily 90 minute math block with a lot of flexibility. As a result, we are now working in centers. This gives me a chance to really use the problem sets as guided practice as I can easily see where mistakes are being made. In addition, spiraling "old" skills and concepts back in and providing problem solving practice is done with ease. We are looking to finish up with Module 4 during the upcoming week. At this point, the unit review will take place on Wednesday and then the unit test will be given on Thursday. PLEASE check in with your 4th grader to make sure s/he has a set of working earbuds/headphones. The kids use them daily and my extras are just about gone!


PAWS ~ We have six weeks in the books! I am seeing all kinds of growth. I am impressed that more than half the class is writing five paragraphs a week since they develop a paragraph for each reason. PAWS #7 is below in case your child wants to get a head start over the weekend.

Fiction Piece ~ In addition to our PAWS assignments, we are going to add a fiction piece into the mix. The kids have learned many things about writing that will nicely carry over into a new genre.

Small Groups ~ The kids reading Skinnybones finished the book this past week. They are busy creating Kahoot type questions that could be used to assess the story. My Crenshaw and Wringer readers are finishing up too!

Picture Book Friday ~ Lucas did a nice job entertaining the class today. Anna is up for January 26th!

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Kids will need to bring their instruments three times during the upcoming week. Monday, ensembles meet, there are lessons on Tuesday, and ensembles meet again on Friday!