Tregembo Law Firm

If your a defendant in court and us to help your get your case dropped were here for you. If your summoned to court we will get your case dropped and you won't even have to be there. We will make sure that there is a pretrial conference before your trial to try and lower your charges and get the case dropped. We as lawyers have preponderance of evidence which shows us more evidence to get your case dropped in court. The plaintiff won't have a chance against you as the defendant. If there is a complaint against you and you need it dropped in court we are the law firm for you. There will be a trial before the judge hears your case to make sure we have all evidence possible. The verdict won't be final without us putting our word in and making sure that you are pleased. We will try to get an appeal so a lower court will hear your case, therefore it will be dropped and you will have no charges. There's no need to plead guilty, we will get all your charges dropped. We promote mediation which will reduce charges against you. And we will use arbitration to settle your dispute in court.

We are the Tregembo Law Firm!