Albert Einstein

Life story

The life of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a German man who was born on March 14 1879 and died April 18 1955. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. He is most known in popular culture for his mass-energy equivalence

Near the beginning

Near the beginning of his career, Einstein thought that Newtonian mechanics was no longer enough reconcile the laws of classical mechanics with the laws of the electromagnetic field.

Failures that he faced

1905 Mistake in clock synchronization procedure on which Einstein based special relativity
Failure to consider Michelson-Morley experiment
Mistake in transverse mass of high-speed particles
Multiple mistakes in the mathematics and physics used in calculation of viscosity of liquids, from which Einstein deduced size of molecules
Mistakes in the relationship between thermal radiation and quanta of light
Mistake in the first proof of E= mc2
Mistakes in the second, third, and fourth proofs of E = mc2

Interesting facts

1) Einsteins great breakthroughs came from visual experiments performed in his head rather then the lab

2) Albert was a slow learner as a child and spoke very slowly

3) The pathologist who made Einstein body's autopsy stole his brain and kept it in a jar for 20 years