Visiting the Class

Shortcuts, Typing Speed, and Google Docs

In the Class we use shortcuts to speed things up

  • Here are some of the shortcuts...
  • Command X - Cut
  • Command C - Copy
  • Command V - Paste
  • Command A - Select all
  • Command P - Quick way to get to the print selection
  • + - Plus
  • / - Divide
  • * - Multiply
  • - = subtract
  • ~ - similar to
  • Command, Shift, 4 - Screen shot

Restricted Typing Speed

In our class 35 is our typing goal.We take timed tests on Tuesdays and Thursdays, either we record or we tell her.We make a lot of gmail documents for most of our projects.

Google Docs/Drive- Email

Google Docs is what we use for email. On Google Docs you can make your own website, make a drive, or send an email. In a drive you can share what you have been working on with someone else. If you do that you can allow them to be owner, edit, or comment. Sharing is good because you can both be working on the same drive at the same time. In an email you can choose to send mail to as many people as you want and they will see it and they can email you back.