Houk Headlines

April 18- April 29

Important dates:

5/2- April WEB Calendar Due

5/4- Multiage Informational Meeting at 6:30 pm

5/6- School Spirit Day

5/12- Academic Night at 6:30pm

Mark your calendars! The third grade Economics Fair is Friday, May 27 from 9:30- 10am. More information to come on this fun event!

Please Note: Please remind your child to record his or her WEB reading minutes on a daily basis.


This past week, we began a new unit in literacy. To begin the unit, we took some time to discuss what it means to persuade an audience. We shared some examples of times when we persuaded someone of something.

We also began this unit by introducing economics! The students were thrilled when they realized that the economics fair is coming up soon! We began talking about what economics means and read and discussed about supply and demand. We also played a "super market" game in which the buyers and seller had to negotiate prices in order to make the highest profit or buy the most amount of items. The excitement on their faces when trying to persuade and sell their items was priceless!

Please be on the lookout for additional information about the Economics Fair!


We ended our multiplication and division unit with an assessment and began our new unit. In the next unit, we will focus on measurement and data. We will also continue to review basic multiplication and division in the next unit.

In addition, we will continue to take multiplication timed tests 1-2 times per week to help gain fluency of facts. Please continue to encourage your child to practice his or her facts on a daily basis!


We have had so much fun investigating and exploring in science! The past few weeks, we have performed many experiments and learned about "chromatography" and "pigment" in our investigations. Next week, we will be taking a unit assessment on our science unit.

Trip to the Nature Center

We had a blast learning all about water at the Nature Center!