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Adrian Soto

Thing About Me

My name is Adrian Soto.I was born on March 23, 2002 in Tucson AZ. I love living in Tucson AZ with my friends because i think it is better than Mexico. I am 12 years old next year i am going to be 13 years old. I am now going to be a teen

My Family

I get Two brothers and 1 sister. My big brother is 21 years old,my other brother is 20 years old and my sister is 18 years old. My mom is 39 years old and my dad is 56 years old. He is very sick i pray to god that he does not died because i love he a lot.

Three Best Players

Best Players

Best Players in the World

Ronaldo the best, Bale the second best, Neymar the third best, and Messi the fouth best.
Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Goals
Cristiano Ronaldo ● Top 10 Goals
Top 10 Goals Neymar Jr with FC Barcelona |HD|
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Swaggers in the house

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Fifa 15

Fifa 15 is coming out on 9/23/14.
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Fifa World Cup 2014

The Fifa World Cup soccer ball.