Zaption: Don't just watch. LEARN.

Making videos interactive and focused-not just sit and get

Why did Zaption tap my interest?

  • I had longed to created interactive digital content for my students like SAS Curriculum Pathways- high quality, no fluff, accurate, points emphasized, visually engaging, and focused
  • BUT- I didn't have the COMPUTER SAVVY or the TIME to create these from scratch.
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  • I can cut and paste the important parts of multiple videos so I can tailor learning to the most important points to scaffold, streamline or enrich particular students, classes or groups
  • I can add text and picture slides to emphasize important content or to extend learning
  • I can embed questions and feedback- in real time- so main points aren't "lost" to students
  • Students can self-monitor as well, adjusting pace and rewatching with ease
  • There are a variety of question apps
  • The program is intuitive, quick and easy to use
  • There is an analytics functions so I can track student progress using formatively or summatively
  • Use the feedback under questions for reteaching for wrong answers.


Zaption Demo Example

You've now seen an example of all of the types of questions you can create with a Zaption.

Now, watch this screencast that walks you thru the simple process of creating a Zaption.

To start your OWN, FREE, 60 DAY account with zaption, log in to:

Sign in with your Google Account, Click Allow, Answer 3 simple questions about who you are, then X out of video---you've already seen it.

Then, load your own video and START ZAPTION-ING!

Be Aware Of: Helpful Hints

  1. Video choices: The one negative I see.: Videos are limited to partners that verify their content and give permission. Youtube, Discovery Ed, PBS, Vimeo, etc.- but not everything that's out there.
  2. Question Placement: Place questions to the right of the video. Overlays are hard to read. However, if you want a drawing answer, place that on top of video.
  3. Focusing Content: You can clip segments from several videos, ad pictures or text slides to string together for very focused content.
  4. Editing: You must publish to share the link. If you discover an error in your Zaption, and you unpublish to edit again, you will lose any saved student results. For this reason, the SUBMIT button is not active during editing mode.
  5. AUTOSAVE is in place for Zaption!
  6. Analytics: Only the last answers of a Zaption are saved. Students can take multiple times to get the right answer. Students may move through quicker 2nd, 3rd or 4th times if they use the speed functions
  7. Consider the amount of questions and how they break up the flow of the video.


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Zaption Presenter Features: A whole class model

Use this introduction demo video to see the different features of Zaption Presenter, a style debuted to the public in the last month. This is a whole group Interactive option uses less bandwith and allows you to teach whole group and answer questions in real time. Link is below.
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Using Zaption with Canvas- find info on the special keys here...