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North Park Elementary

Principal Points

December is a short school month with lots of activities and events! Make sure to mark your calendar with dates listed below!

Keep reading with your child over Christmas Break! I few minutes each day will help to ensure that they are still on track when we return to school!

I hope each and every one of you and yours have a safe and wonderful holiday season, filled with joy and love! Enjoy your time with your littles and recharge!


North Park is a PBiS school. What that means is that we support students with positive language and expectations. We reward students, classrooms and building for putting for their best effort, being responsible and respectful. Spartan bucks are giving to each student that can cash them in for prizes of their choosing. Classrooms keep track of compliments and other positive behaviors and have classwide rewards. We also keep track of "spartan heads" on our gumball machine and when we fill it up, we have a building wide celebration. Ask you child about the expectations and share in their success!

Library News

First and second grade students are practicing their keyboarding skills. If you have a computer a home, think about allowing your child to type stories and letters. The website has some good, free keyboarding lessons as well.

Title I Helpful Hints

Title I News:

Here’s how you can help make reading more fun for the whole family:

Read--- We encourage all families to read for a minimum of 15 minutes per night.

Watch---See the movie after reading the book. Talk about the differences with your child: Were any parts missing? Do the characters look like what she imagined? Did she prefer the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movie or the book by Judi Barrett?

Make---Cut out a 6 by 2-inch piece of paper and let your child decorate it with stickers, paint, and markers. For every book she reads, punch a hole in it. See how long it takes until the bookmark falls apart from so many punches!

Surf---Visit and the website for the reading show Between the Lions ( for fun alphabet and phonics games.

Adapted from Patty Onderko in Parenting Magazine March 2010

Upcoming important dates

12/4 1st Grade Program at New HS Auditorium 7pm

(Doors will NOT open until 6:45, as SP will be performing at 6pm)

12/4 1st grade to HS to practice

12/11 Winter Family Night 5:30-7

12/11-15 Santa Store each day for students

12/12 BOE 5:30

12/15 Kdg. Polar Express Day

12/18 Grinch Day for 1st Grade

12/19 Charlie and Chocolate Factory 2nd Grade

12/20 Class Parties

  • 1:30 2nd Grade Party
  • 2:15 Kdg. Party
  • 2:45 1st Grade Party

12/21 8:45 Assembly (different time due to early release time)

12/21 Early Out 1:10 for Christmas Break

12/22 - Jan 3 Christmas Break

1/4 School Resumes

Spartan Alerts

Please sign up for Spartan Alerts to get texts and information about our school. Through this system text messages are sent directly to your phone, wireless PDA or pager!


Emergency Information

School Closings

Early Dismissal Times

School Event Reminders

Bus times running behind

Please check out our school website to sign up! It is located under Parent Tab!


Please make sure we can put your child in your vehicle on the side of the car toward the sidewalk and building please, for their safety. We try to block two way traffic which loading, but occasionally someone slips through. We want all children placed in cars quickly and safely.

Healthy Snacks

Please use the links below when providing treats for classrooms!


Our PTO is an important parent organization that does a great deal to support students and staff. Please join us each month on the first Monday of each month at 5:30. Check out our North Park PTO Facebook page!

Jumpstart Tutoring

Free Tutoring!

Ms. Silva and the Jumpstart program are available at Allendale Manor on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 to help your child with homework and practice learning objectives. She does a great job of partnering with our school to help children.

Contact Information

North Park Elementary 1-660-269-2630

909 Porter, Moberly MO 65270

First Grade Music Program

This year we are trying something new! We are holding our programs for each grade at the newly renovated High School Auditorium! This will provide much better seating and viewing and allow our little friends to experience the big stage! Please click on link below for more information from Ms. Vestal!

Doors will open at 6:45 due to South Park performance at 6:00 pm. When arriving, students will meet in the band/choir hallway (left or south end of the lobby). After the program, the audience will be asked to remain seated, and teachers will lead students off the stage and out the auditorium along the north end and go to the big main hallway north of the auditorium for parents to pick up. Students will be in line with their teacher for you to approach the teacher and pick up your child.


When you shop at Amazon you can earn .5% back on all purchases to be donated to the Moberly Public School Foundation. To participate just log on to - then log in as yourself (or create a log in if you don’t already have one.) It will ask who you would like to send your donation to and you can search for Moberly Public School Foundation, and then shop away. All proceeds will go back into our schools. Through fundraisers like this, we are able to increase the number of mini grants and super grants. There is no additional cost for you and we earn money for our district on items you were going to purchase through Amazon anyway…it is a win/win!!

Inclement Weather Information

When considering school cancellations, the safety of all students in the district is the first consideration. School district personnel drive bus routes to check local conditions firsthand. District personnel then hold conversations with the bus transportation company to gain their perspective. Again, safety is always our top priority. We also consider whether conditions will be changing throughout the day.

In the event of a school cancellation, notice will be provided as soon as a decision is made. Local radio and television stations will be notified, and a notice will be posted on the school district’s web page, Facebook, and Twitter (@MoberlyDistrict). Notification will be sent via TextCaster Spartan Alerts as well.

Early Dismissal: An early dismissal will be used when conditions are expected to get worse throughout the day. This option will be used sparingly and avoided whenever possible. If early dismissal becomes necessary, the district will announce and post dismissal times. The standard early dismissal schedule will be used when possible.

Late Start: A late start option will also be used sparingly and in cases in which conditions are expected to improve fairly quickly in the morning. If late start is utilized, the district will announce the length of the delay. For example, if there will be a 2 hour late start, you would add 2 hours to the typical school start time. In the example of a 2 hour late start, if your child has a 7:30 bus stop time, the new bus stop time would be 9:30. The standard late start schedule will be used when possible.

Counselor's Corner

Viewing night of new abuse prevention curriculum with the elementary counselors!

Join the NP, SP, & GBE Counselors on Thursday 11/30 at 5:30 pm in the GBE cafeteria to view their new child protection unit curriculum. We want to work together to keep our kids safe and help them learn skills and language to keep their bodies safe!