At Wisconsin Dells with Rialey M

At Aunt Dana’s in the dells

Every morning during that weekend when we wake up we would see the orange and red leaves. Every time we walk in the Morning we would hear the leaves crunching sound. When we went to bed most of the time we would just watch this show called ‘’How I met your Mother’’ Riley and I both love that show. For one night we went to bed with pandora (music), I slept like a baby with that on. That morning we also listen to pandora and Aunt Dana baked some delicious apple crisp, M&M cookies, and ice cream. The best treat I like eating was the apple crisp. When we were not walking in the morning Riley and I would color in her coloring book. While we were coloring we were smelling her smelly markers. The whole time I was at Dana”so I was happy because everything was good and nothing let me down.


Imagine a place 20 min .away from the Wisconsin Dells my aunt dana lived there. The place we went swimming was actually at a restaurant on the main floor. My mother, Aunt Dana, and uncle Jim did not swim, they just lay in the hot tub. Aunt Dana came in the pool that Rialey and Iwere in and we started to play volleyball,but not really just setting the ball. The whole time we went swimming i had to keep my hair up cause I recently dyed the tips of my hair blue, so I had to be careful. On the last day we were there I got sick of keeping my hair up so i let it down. While we were there on the last day these people came a boy, a girl and another boy and we were playing a game that needed braveness. There werewer now I will tell you you would literally spike the at the person it was very fun i did not want to leave.

stores and others

Imagine a squid eating at taco, of course not a real squid. MY best friend rialey loves squids and sure enough when we were shopping she found one. The squid hat was only 10 dollars and i said’’Try it on i want to see what you look like as a squid. Rialey chuckled and said ‘’ok’’. Later we walked to a couple stores down and i found myself a baseball hat that said no boyfriend no problem. Of course my mom said i should get. i liked it but it was dirty so i just wanted to go to a different store. Later when we kept walking we found this store we wanted to go to. It was sadly closed but actually The store owner was right next to us so he open the doors. It was so cool in that store he kept telling us that he could probably make any homemade shirt you want. Rialey loves one direction, so she got a cool purple 1D shirt. My favorite singer/actor is Ariana grande. I got a shirt that has her one it. Going shopping for that weekend was super fun , but we saw a baby kitten trapped in a black car on a very hot day and we felt very sorry The night after we went swimming was a saturday and i really was in the mood for ice cream. We started walking in Walmart in the dells. Everybody likes cucumbers so we got some and we keep listing things that people like ice cream, cookies,chocolate, and soft pj’s. But we did not get all that stuff we just got a few things.That whole weekend was fun and i was happy but we walked a lot.