Want to be the coolest kid around?

Have THE birthday party of the century here in wonderland!

Located at Circle 8, The Sowers of Discord.

Party, catering, bounce house, cake, clowns, ponies, etc.

Call us at 1-800-666-Evil

Email- satanscloset@inferno.net

Address- 666 Devils Corner Ave, Circle 8, Underworld.

Birthday Bash

Friday, Oct. 31st, 11am

666 Devils Corner Ave, Circle 8, Underworld.

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At this party, The main event is watching a lucky winner get chopped up and hacked to pieces until they heal and repeat the process all over again. If you're lucky, we'll call on you to participate!
50 Cent- In da Club CLEAN HQ

Tours available too!

If you are interested in having your birthday here, bring your family and come visit this circle. You can talk to other souls that live down here and hear what they think!