Packing Reminder - All 100 & 200 rooms must be cleaned out by the end of the day on June 12, 2015 - See Packing Instructions Below

END OF YEAR ESSENTIALS - Packing & Renovations

Below are Important Updates

  • Student Lockers - All lockers need to be cleaned out as they will be removed during the renovation. Plus, our custodians don't have the time to provide extensive cleaning of them so please encourage students to empty their lockers completely.
  • Renovations Begin on June 15, 2015 - The building will be closed starting on this Monday. Please make sure that all of your personal belongings are taken home.
  • Packing - To save boxing time, you may use your filing cabinets as boxes - simply duct tape your name and new room number on the filing cabinet. These will be moved to your new location.
  • Storage - All classroom boxes, desks, teacher desks, and materials will be moved to the gymnasium during the summer months. You will not be able to get to these items until the building reopens late summer.
  • Teacher & Student Desks - Teacher and Student desks are staying in the rooms - they are not moving with the teacher. We have purchased several new teacher desks and student desks. If you would like to see pictures of this new equipment, please see Dr. Ziegler.
  • Refrigerators/Electrical Appliances - Please make sure that all refrigerators are emptied and that all electrical appliances are unplugged and labeled for their new location.

Faculty Meeting & Potluck Breakfast Friday Morning

SLO & DI Supervision Meetings

Please be sure to schedule a meeting with a member of the Principal Team for SLO's and DI Supervision. Please go through Mrs. Ludy to schedule these meetings.

SLO's - All documents should be uploaded in your SLO Google Docs Folder and shared with each member of the Principal team. Please be sure to include all data that indicates if you met your goals. You may meet as a grade level departments if you completed your SLO's as a grade level team. Make sure to include your last name in the Name of the Document.

DI Supervision - Teachers should complete their DI Supervision Final Summary in the Mid-Year & Final Summary Document in My Learning Plan. If you need support with this, please contact a Principal Team member.

Laptop Collection & Keeping Over Summer

First - Let's encourage students to complete the paperwork and pay the insurance fee to keep the laptops over the summer. The insurance fee is the same as next year's school fee so they actually get the summer months for free. Please promote this to help minimize those who need to return their laptops.

9th, 10th, & 11 - Keep Your Laptop Over the Summer by Completing This Paperwork & by Paying the Insurance Fee

Complete this paperwork and pay your insurance to keep your laptop throughout the summer. Click here to download the paperwork

If you register to keep your laptop over the summer you can ignore the info below.

9th, 10th, & 11 Grade Drop Off

It is expected that all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students drop off their laptops on June 10, 11, or 12th. Students are to turn in their laptop, power cord, and laptop bag with strap. If you do not turn in any of the items listed or if the items come back damaged or in poor condition, you will receive a bill for payment. Tech Support is located in the Library to answer any questions.

If parent signed up to keep for their son/daughter to keep the laptop over the summer, there is no need to turn the laptop in during this time. No action is needed by the student if the parent arranged to keep the laptop over the summer.

Students may come down before their exam, once they finish the exam, or after the exam times.

Location Drop Off: Auditorium

Wednesday, June 10 7:00 a.m.-Noon

Thursday, June 11 7:00 a.m. - Noon

Friday, June 12 7:00 a.m. - Noon

Senior Drop Off

It is expected that all Seniors drop off their laptops on June 3 or 4th. Failure to do this could jeopardize your ability to receive your diploma in a timely manner. Students are to turn in their laptop, power cord, and laptop bag with strap. If you do not turn in any of the items listed or if the items come back damaged or in poor condition, you will receive a bill for payment. Tech Support is located in the Library to answer any questions.

Location Drop Off: Library

Wednesday, June 3 - 9:00-12:00

Thursday, June 4 - 9:00-12:00

Final Exam Schedule

9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Finals


June 9
All students will take English during 6th and 7th period.

June 10

7:35 – 9:10 Exam - Math

9:10– 9:25 Break Collection of lab tops & Clean Out Lockers

9:25 – 11:00 Exam --Social Studies

June 11
7:35-9:10 Exam - Science

9:10– 9:25 Break Collection of lab tops & Clean Out Lockers

9:25 – 11:00 Collection of Laptops and Clean Out Lockers

June 12
7:35 until completion - Make Up Exams

If students do not have a final at the time allocated, they may remain home during this time. Buses will run at the regular AM time and then again at 11:00 a.m. after the last Final Exam of the day.


  • Cafeteria is CLOSED - The cafe lobby, cafe restrooms, and the cafeteria are all closed off to students and staff. Please notify all students that they are to stay out of this area. Also, faculty and staff are also not permitted in this area without administrative approval.
  • Gym is now the Cafe - We will be serving lunch out of the gym. Students are to enter at the auditorium side entrance.
  • Athletic Wing - The Athletic wing is now open. This will allow students to access the team rooms and open this hallway open to students and staff.
  • Music Wing - The Music Wing is open - feel free to come down and see the newly renovated rooms.
  • Commencement – If we need to be inside due to inclement weather, commencement will be held in the Pottsgrove Middle School auditorium (We are really hoping for great weather :)
  • HS Offices - Office and Guidance Office Moving to Middle School this summer – These offices will be in the middle school library for the entire summer. All phone extensions will remain the same along with office hours of 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • Athletics – The Athletic Office and athletics area will remain open throughout the summer.
  • The HS WILL BE CLOSED, except for the athletic director’s office and entire athletic wing to all guest, teachers, staff from June 15 until sometime in August. If you need to enter the high school for any reason, you will need to contact the HS office first for permission. This is for your safety as the main lobby, instructional wings, café, and the entire library area will be under major renovations. They are holding off on renovating the main and guidance office but they will stilll be doing some wiring and other minor renovations.

Hiring & Supplemental Updates

  • We are currently interviewing for a new Choral Teacher.
  • The interviews for Math will begin in the next two weeks.
  • Mr. Madden is interviewing for Summer School
  • Supplementals - Please connect with Mr. DeRenzo on your interest in continuing your supplemental for next school year.

SIP Review

Below are the 3 PGHS SIP Goals for 2014/2015 - SIP stands for School Improvement Plan. The SIP is a guidepost for faculty, staff, and students as they work to improve PGHS. This year, there are three goals that drive the work and focus of faculty, staff, principals, and students.

  1. Establish a district system that fully ensures consistent implementation of standards aligned curricula across all schools for all students
  2. Instructional Practices - Establish a district system that fully ensures the consistent implementation of effective instructional practices across all classrooms in each school
  3. Establish a district system that fully ensures students who are academically at risk are identified early and are supported by a process that provides interventions based upon student needs and includes procedures for monitoring effectiveness

Goal 1 Update

  • SLO's - Teachers are completing their Student Learning Objectives
  • Keystone Increases - All Keystone scores are up from last year at this time
  • 1-1 Implementation successfully completed
  • Teachers aligned Units of Study to 1-1 DiLE Rubric

Goal 2 Update

  • 1-1 implementation shows teacher and student tech engagement up
  • Increase use of 1-1 for Mid-term and final exam administration
  • Drop in Discipline data since the 1-1 DiLE implementation
  • Apple Coach has provided strong and job embedded coaching to teachers
  • 3 teachers trained in Penn Literacy Network
  • Students in grades 9-11 complete writing prompt in Science, SS, & English
  • Increase in AP test takers and AP enrollment for 2015/2016

Goal 3 Update

  • Revising Early Release Wednesday to support Keystone interventions, course failure interventions, enrichment, and clubs.

The Principal team shared the plan with faculty on creating an extra period once a week for the following reasons: Keystone interventions, course failure interventions, enrichment, and clubs. We are still working out the details on this with faculty and staff. If a parent is interested in meeting to review this, please contact Mr. Van Horn at - This would swap our early release Wednesdays with an extra period once a week that would be 45 minutes in length.

  • Drop in discipline data from the previous year
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