AE Staff Newsletter

October 12, 2015



The purpose of this newsletter is to provide everyone with information and updates related to our AE family and activities.

The information included in this newsletter includes professional learning updates, committee updates, PTO information, and all else.

Here are questions I am thinking about this week:

-What does it feel like to be present as a learner and leader in our classrooms, hallways, lunchroom, playground, and buses?

-What do we value and how do we model this?

As you know, my focus for this year is on building relationships. Should you have any feedback/suggestions on this newsletter, please let me know.



Our Story

As I think about how our story is playing out this year, I think about hope. I am learning and enjoying every moment because I have hope. I have hope for tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next.

I am not letting someone else tell our story for us. We are telling our story. The children can feel it and so can you. Do not let someone else tell our story for us. Do not let someone else tell your story for you.

Share, learn, and grow together, always. Share your story and learn from others. Listen to what people say and listen to what our walls say.

I implore you to breathe, to let some things go, and to give yourself the freedom to slow down. The days, months, and years go by too fast. Slow down and enjoy. You are amazing individuals. There is nothing more important than educating our youth. We educate and support the whole child. Please be reflective and mindful of your whole self as well.

This article made it's way to my inbox recently. Perhaps you will make a connection with the author.

Breathe and have hope.

Expectations & Values

  • Andersonville is a community that ensures everyone is safe, loved, challenged academically and supported emotionally, socially, and behaviorally.
  • We respect every member of our community and work collaboratively to listen, question, reflect, celebrate and grow.
  • “Where Everybody is Somebody"
  • Everyone is an individual. Everyone is unique. Everyone has strengths. Everyone matters to the learning environment. Everyone has a story. Every team has a story. Every family has a story.
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Staffing Update

Please join me in welcoming back Wendy Roehl. Wendy will be serving as our very own AE ESL support specialist. She will be sharing Nancy's room. We are so honored and excited to have Wendy with us!

In the next few days, we will also be welcoming a new math support specialist. Keri has taken a long term guest teaching position at IE. Her replacement will be Beth Eaton. Beth brings teaching experience as well as a passion for children.

Our support team now includes math, Literacy, ESL, and special education. Representatives from all of these areas will be coming together on Thursday afternoon to review our intervention groups and prioritize based on individual student needs.

Delayed Start - October 14, 2015

The purpose of our delayed start this week will be to continue learning and digging into Words Their Way. Please bring your assessment results, purple book, and silver book (as well as anything else that you think might be helpful for the conversation).

Message from Phyllis:

  1. Teachers will bring the data they have gathered on their students to the Delayed Start on October 14th, as well as their Purple WTW Teacher Resource book and their Silver WTW Bear book.

  2. Teachers will spend time talking with colleagues about the data. They will collaborate to determine the developmental stages of the learners in their classrooms.

  3. Teachers will work together to plan lessons for initial WTW instruction and perhaps begin to think about differentiation planning.

  4. Teachers who have not requested WTW student resources will be able to fill out their request form and send this to Phyllis at this time.

Upcoming Professional Learning

We have several professional learning opportunities taking place over the next few weeks. District led professional learning in the area of math has begun this week.

We have building specific professional learning during the week of October 26th. Please review the schedule below for that PD and let me know of any questions/thoughts.


Monday, October 26th

Running Record PL @ AE

8:30 - 10:30: 2nd & 3rd

10:30 - 12:30: K & 1st

1:00 - 3:00: 4th & 5th


Tuesday, October 27th

Math PL @ AE w/ Carrie Z

AM: Kindergarten

PM: 5th


Wednesday, October 28th

Math PL @ AE w/ Carrie Z

AM: 1st

PM: 4th


Thursday, October 29th

Math PL @ AE w/ Carrie Z

AM: 2nd

PM: 3rd

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PTO Info

Thank you for the fun silly string event in celebration of our fun run. Thank you for volunteering at Mel's Grill.

Friday will be a pajama day as an all school reward for surpassing our fun run fundraising goal.

Boo Bash is October 23rd from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

Mini grant applications are due November 5th. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to brainstorm some ideas.


I will be sharing more information regarding SOAR in our parent newsletter that will go out this week.

The principals are working together to create a 3 part video series that will provide more details about SOAR. These will be recorded next week and then e-blasted to families.

I will continue to join PLC conversations to discuss SOAR, the feedback documents, S-D-B, and documenting growth over time.

Please let me know what needs you have so that I can best support you!

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Lab Re-Design

The purpose of re-designing our lab is to develop a space that can be used for creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The multi-purpose area will allow for horizontal and vertical work as well as serve as an add-on to the the classroom environment that will provide physical opportunities for making thinking visible and working in a collaborative and creative manner.

Our Lab Re-Design Committee toured four labs across the district last week. They will share their experiences as well as some pictures at the beginning of our delayed start this week. They will also share next steps with you at this time.


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