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The Human Muscular System

The individual parts of the human muscular system.

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The human Muscular System contains three types of muscles. The three types of muscle groups are called Skeletal muscles, Cardiac Muscles and Smooth Muscles.

Skeletal Muscles -

These muscles are involved with the bony structure of the body. These muscles are originally associated with the fibers and the tendons. They help with the movement of the body and or help resist it from moving it a certain way. The Elbow is an great example of the resisted movement because it restricts it form moving the opposite way.

Cardiac Muscles -

The cardiac muscle group is associated with the circulatory system. Unlike the skeletal muscle group, the cardiac muscles are involuntary. The cardiac muscles are made up of muscle cells that contract nearby cells which result in blood being pushed in and out of the atria and ventricles.

Smooth Muscles - The smooth muscle tissues are scattered across the body, which include blood vessels, uterus, urinary bladder, and respiratory tract. The smooth muscle located across the body show different functions and differences. However, they all contract that follows with a relaxation period.

Interesting Facts about the Human Muscular system!

Did you know the largest human muscle is the Sartorius! It is located from the hip bone down the the knee. In fact it helps us twist our legs!.

Also, the strongest bone in our body is the jaw bone! I was really surprised by this also because I always believed that thigh was the strongest! (picture)

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