Censorship Peaceful Protest

Important Info

So what is Censorship you might ask. Censorship is when in certain countries it is illegal to look up certain things or go on certain websites. In China we are a communist government and we are struggling with not being able to have the freedom to look you what we want or have privacy without worrying about being thrown in jail! We believe that we should have the freedom to look up what we want without having the thought of being thrown in jail or killed in the back of our minds.Even if you don't live in china but are chinese born than you are still at risk. My idea is that if we came up with a hashtag called #internetisnotathreat and post it everywhere on social media or anywhere you can more and more people will be aware of what is happening and what it is. And if more people know about the more we can do to fix it.
China's Internet Censorship Explained

Censorship... Notice it!!!

Tuesday, June 21st, 9am-9pm

Beijing, China

Beijing, Beijing

This peaceful protest will last for about 10 hours in front of Yan Capital. Make sure to bring your peace signs!!!

Facts about Chinese censorship.

  • China is home to some of the world's largest websites
  • It is illegal to look up the words "persecution" and "democracy"
  • Google is illegal in China so is social media

Great Firewall Of China

The great firewall of China is a very complicated filtering system that China uses. Access to the internet is provided by 8 different service providers. They also use keyword filtering. This is effective because if someone looks something up that the computer knows to block than they wont have any search results.

How will we Protest???

When we go out to the Chinese capital we will be bringing our signs and chant for what we want... FREEDOM! And we wont leave until we get what we want. So if you are ready to stand firm for the freedom to do what we want then meet us at the capital on Tuesday,June 21.