Steve Jobs

By.Adriana Long

Early Life

Steve Jobs was born on February 24th 1955 in San Francisco ,CA being adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs sortly after birth then he moved to Palo Alto California most people thought thats where he got his business experience from around there because at that time a lot of growing new businesses were growing. here is a picture of palo altos ,ca


Jobs drop out of collage and started apple with his partner Steve Wozniak they created the first and the second apple computer in the jobs family garage.
iPhone 6 - Apple iOS 7 [iPhone 6 trailer] - Official Video
Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone (MacWorld 2007)

"Next" also apples tragedy

Apple forced jobs to resign and he started "next" than apple bought "next" and in 1996 Jobs returned as c.e.o so it was a tragedy but they fixed it .


when it came to work Jobs was not the easiest person to deal with he actually liked when people stood up to him every year he gave an award to the person that would stand up to him the most


in 2011 apple was named most valuable company in the world by fortune magazine. part of it was probaly because Jobs wanted to make product simple for his customers.

we will never forget

2011 Jobs resigned as C.E.O. that same year he passed he died on October 5th Jobs due to pancreatic cancer .