AHS Volleyball News

Summer Vacation has Started!!!

Summertime is here, and believe me I'm enjoying every minute of it. I already feel like everyday is Saturday! Vacation started off with me attending a friend's wedding. I also get to go to New Orleans later this week for some R-n-R, and when I return a STEM workshop at UD. Below is some information about Summer League and Summer Workouts.

Summer League Substitute Coaches

Occasionally, we may need other parents to fill in for coaches due to various reasons. I had some parents notify me on the signup sheet that they were interested in possibly subbing for a Summer League team. Enclosed is a link to a volunteer sheet for some openings that will occur during the summer. The requirements of the position aren't difficult, just to show up on time and be an adult representative for the team. Outside of being encouraging, making sure the girls have fun, get to play, and providing a little guidance, there isn't much to this job. Click here if you want to volunteer for a spot.

I haven't received a schedule for Summer League yet, but when I do so will you and your coaches :-)

Summer Workouts

Summer workouts this year are going to be a bit different than previous years. They will be at Lums Pond State Park in Area 3. It'll be like recess, but with your volleyball friends.
  • There will be no volleyball coaching whatsoever.
  • Attendance to workouts is not mandatory or required to be a part of AHS volleyball activities, teams or tryouts.
  • Participation in workouts does not ensure players a spot on the team, and lack of participation will not be held against you.
  • Remember there is a $4 per carload entry fee.
  • Workouts occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm to 7pm starting July 7th and going until July 30th. This is a change from the original date of June 23rd.

Sports Physicals

Make sure when you get your physical done, you are getting the DIAA sports physical paperwork completed while you're there. If this paperwork is not you completed, you will have to go back to the doctor and get another one completed. You also need to make sure you turn in all 7 pages with all 8 signatures.

Just Some Suggestions: Personally, I would also try to make it a goal to have your physical completed and turned into the office by August 1, 2015. This is due to the fact that a lot of people wait until the last minute to get them completed, making scheduling an appointment difficult. Athletes who wait until the first day of tryouts to turn in their physicals also may have to stand in line for up to 30 minutes, missing time from tryouts, while they wait for a nurse to check off their paperwork.


Some Reminders

  • Remember participation in the listed activities, camps or clinics is NOT necessary to tryout or earn a spot on the Appo Volleyball Team. Also participation in the listed activities, camps or clinics, or lack thereof, will NOT be held against you during tryouts. The purpose is to give you information to do with as you wish :)
  • Tryouts for Appo Volleyball start August 15th. You will need a new completed physical on file with the nurse in order to tryout for the team.
  • You can drop physicals off over the summer at the front desk. Even after school is done. The nurses come in periodically to check them off for students. Not having a completed physical on file with the nurse is one of the biggest reasons that prevents students from trying out for sports. Don't be that girl. Make a copy of your physical.
  • The building is open during the summer Monday through Thursday from 7am - 5pm starting June 15.

Contact Information

Still no word on a new head coach, so contact me if you need anything.