Soldotna Area Schools

Reconfiguration Newsletter September 17, 2013

Advisory Committee Summary for September 10, 2013

Our first advisory committee met on September 10, 2013. The agenda was short, we made introductions, agreed on our operating norms, identified possible topics, and then started discussing the priority of topics. The committee needed more information about:

· State and local parameters of the 9th grade building

· budget restraints on reconfiguration proposals

The parameters around the 9th grade building are:

· It must have a name of its own. District would prefer to differentiate further by not having the word "Soldotna" as the main title word.

· It must have its own student government.

· It must have its own administration.

· Students are eligible to participate in all 9-12 sports with 10-12 school.

· Students are eligible to participate in all 9-12 clubs with 10-12 school.

· Students may participate in 9th grade only clubs.

· Course offerings are staff dependent and so not part of this committee's scope.

· Club offerings are staff dependent and not a part of this committee's scope.

Budget constraints are:

Our recommendations are not budget dependent but for them to be actionable, they need to have funding sources that are “new” money-not currently a part of the overall district budget. (There are some small budget lines that currently exist that could be delegated to recommended items.)

At our next meeting, I will have the following:

· A chart of “in our circle and out of our circle” items. There will be a third circle as well, a “maybe” under the right circumstance.

· I will also produce a visual aid (I haven’t decided if it will be old fashioned paper, or electronic) that will be in the form of a proposal of recommendations from the committee. This visual aid is NOT a recommendation from me, but rather an example of all the recommendation categories we can make and possible solutions.

The committee's final recommendations will be made at the conclusion of the series of meeting as they will be a "whole picture" set of recommendations as each recommendation is based on its connectedness with all of the recommendations.

More Reconfiguration updates

Scheduled events

The following are meetings and topics that are on my agenda for our reconfiguration process. These are orgainzational meetings not open to the public but I wanted to share that these topics are being discussed and organized.

Week of 9/16

  • Meet with SOHI staff
  • Meet with Skyview Staff
  • Meet with Skyview Leadership class
  • (still to schedule meeting with SOHI Leadership class)
  • Meet with SPED and Facilities Leadership

Upcoming events

  • Building administration to be updated at board meeting
  • Meeting with financial, transportation, and human resources leadership.

I will also set up and attend an information table at each elementary school. Time and date TBA by elementary administrators.