Health Expo 2016

It Might Just Change Your Life.

Get involved!

This years Health Expo will be targeting University students. We know it can be hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule of learning, but finding the time to fit it in can lead to a healthier, more enjoyable life. So why not listen to what we have to say.

The Daily Struggle.

Ah, we have all been there, too tired or just can't be bothered to do it. A day in university can have a toll on people with all the classes and studying that is required. Along with life on and out of campus. Friends may have a big part in not doing exercise as they may just want to sit around after a big day and you may want to hang with them. Besides not having the time you may just not feel good about getting out there and trying new things. All obstacles you face aren't impossible to overcome, you just need to try, try to get fit, try to get outside, try to become a better version of you. It starts here!

Why it is Vital to Exercise.

Australia is quickly becoming one of the most obese countries in the world, with over 36% of young people aged between 18-24 being obese. That is the age of university students here in Australia. 36% is heaps! Take a group of 10 of your friends, around 3 of them would be obese (statistically). We need to change these numbers now, make Australia a fit country and reduce obesity here. We can do this by leading an active lifestyle, change our habits are become active.
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Leading an Active Lifestyle is the Right Choice.

Being able to fit a healthy and active lifestyle into a life at university can be great for feeling great about yourself and being able to accomplish great things on the sporting field. Being fit and healthy will also give you a longer more plentiful life. You may be making a big mistake not getting out and doing things, if you don't start now you won't be able to life the best years of your life as the best version of you. It is crucial to live a healthy lifestyle. Set a goal, it is the right choice.

Lets get Active!

Finding time to fit in exercise can be a struggle, but all it takes is a bit of exercise here and there. University has a lot of opportunities to get fit, like sporting teams such as union, netball, hockey, oz-tag, touch and so much more. It also provides many recreational activities like dancing, cycling or swimming so why not join in. It isn't just a bit of work but also a lot of fun. Although this could clash with needed study time, so that is why I have came up with a few alternatives instead. You may need the right equipment, (and mindset) but overall this will be doing you good.
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Making Your Daily Routine Healthy

Becoming a fitter version of yourself may be as easy as making small changes to your daily routine. All it can take is walking to class instead of driving, changing a piece of cake for an apple, or just changing your mindset. It is so easy!

How to get Started

An exercise routine can be a great way to get fit, especially once it becomes second nature. I have a few great ways to get started, believe me this is a great way to get ft. Before going to bed, do 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, and 30 squats. If you aren't into that maybe a weekend sport could be your thing. It is great for meeting new people and having fun. If you aren't cut out for either of them maybe you might like to see if your university has any recreational activities you could participate in.

Thank you From This Year's Health Expo

This year we hope to see many university students become more active and healthy. If you aren't motivated hopefully with a few pointers we can steer a lot of young people in the right direction towards a happier and more healthier life. It is great to see young people become the best version of themselves, now after reading this you can be too.