What Makes Me Tick?

Personality, Emotion, and Social/Emotional Intelligence

5th Period Psychology

By: Victoria Torres


Over the years my personality has changed numerous times. Now that I am older I can now understand that my personality can be attributed to, at times, nature and at times, nurture. Understanding the difference the two make in my life can greatly affect my personality.

Growing up I was a very shy and introverted person. I didn't like to be in large social gatherings or in situations where I had to converse with a large group of people. I remember my parents having a dinner party or going to a family friend's birthday party. I was always that one kid that sat with the adults the whole time. I didn't feel comfortable socializing with kids I didn't know. Sometimes I would be forced to go with the other kids, and after a while I was able to get to know them better. When I know people better then I am able to socialize freely with them.

I have learned that I am mostly an introverted person. I believe this could be as a result from nature and nurture because my mother is an introverted person. She has no problem with socializing with other people but after she does she likes alone time. I am the exact same way. I believe this is nurture because I was raised to be socializing but to appreciate the alone time. This is nature because I inherited that type of trait from my mother.

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I am usually able to regulate my emotions. Some days I am very angry and I don't show it because I know that it wouldn't be fair of me to be mean to someone else because of how I am feeling. We all express our emotions differently because no two people are the same.

When I am angry I try not to show it and get on with my day. When I am over the top happy or excited I rein it down and try to remain calm. When I have a tough day at school or at home I just take a minute to relax before I express how I am feeling onto another person. I don't particularly like to show extreme anger or sadness. I always try to calm myself down before It gets to that point. I believe this has to do with nature and nurture because I was raised in an environment where if you didn't have an acceptable or appropriate emotion for the time you were sent to another room away from everyone else.

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My Social/ Emotional Intelligence

My nurture played a big role in shaping my social/ emotional intelligence because of my environment and parents. My parents never showed extreme cases of emotions. They were mainly very calm. I learned from their examples to control myself and to be considerate of others. I was raised to put others before yourself and always help others if possible. My social/ emotional intelligence has improved since I was younger and has improved over the course of this school year. I am better equipped to understand myself and my emotions. I learned my emotions don't always have to be expressed a certain way at a certain time.

I regulate my emotions almost always. Instead of coming into the classroom and being angry at everyone causing their day to be bad, I take deep breaths and calm down. When there is a situation that I can't control I am able to sit on the back burner and let things cool down. Sometimes all you need is a fresh mind. This area is something that I will never really be "complete" with. As I continue to age I will need to grow and develop in my social/ emotional intelligence area. Will continue to prosper and regulate my emotions in a respectful manner.

The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions,and My Social/ Emotional Intelligence to My Future Story

I never truly understood myself or my emotions. I knew it was always important to know your personality and how it contributes to your emotions but I was never able to fully grasp the idea of it. After learning about these topics in class I feel I have a much better understanding of my personality, my emotions and my social intelligence. Having a better understanding of my emotions helps me to know who exactly I would want to surround myself around and how to respond to situations where my emotions might be hijacked.

I have learned that I am a very self aware person. This can benefit my future story because in the work place you need to have a high social/emotional intelligence. You are going to be constantly interacting with other people so you need to possess skills to regulate your emotions. Having a high social/emotional intelligence aids your relationship with others. No matter what you are going to have some form of connection or communication with others and you have to present your best self. Now that I have learned more about being socially and emotionally intelligent I am more aware of not only my emotions but of those around me. Regulating your emotions aids in the success of your future story because you don't want to go to work angry and be very rude and offensive to customers or co-workers. You could potentially be fired. Understanding your emotions is one of the main chapters of your future story.