No To Sex

by: Tony Monteleone


1. Syphilis- cause miscarriage 2. Gonorrhea- skin disease 3. Chlamydia- fertility

4. HIV- death 5. Hepatitis- death 6. genital warts- increase size 7. herpes-blisters

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Overall Consequences of Sex

1. You could get pregnant

2. You could easily catch an STD

3. You could have regrets

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Responsibilities Of Having A Baby

1. Make sure the baby has food

2. Make sure the baby has diapers and clothes

3. The baby should have a home to stay in

4. You have to take care of the baby

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Safe Delivery Act.

1. Its says you have 72 hours after the baby is born to give the baby to a fire department, police department, or the hospital.

2. You also could always put your baby up for adoption.

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Underage Sex Consequences

1. You will go to jail and serve time

2. You will be considered a sex offender and be put on a list

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Benefits of Being Abstinence

1. You wont catch an STD

2. There is no way you could get pregnant

3. Nothing is wrong with waiting

4. Some people respect that

5. You will be ready for when the time comes

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