Government stages

what they are, how they evolved, and examples

Stage 1- Primitive Communism

Primitive Communism was a hunter-gatherer society where there was only public property, and no state. Most things were consumed quickly. All able bodied people either hunted or gathered crops. Housing, tools and other long-lasting goods were held on to communally. Primitive Communism ended with the inventions of agriculture, domestication of animals and the idea of private property. Examples would be nomads,most native american groups and cavepeople.

Stage 2-Slave Societies

This government system had two classes-slave and slave owner. The main way to get food was from slave owners, and you would run out of slaves. In order to get more slaves you would have to conquer more land, but then more and more,etc. The downfall of Slave Societies: You had to keep conquering,because you would run out of slaves,the larger Empires would be unsustainable. Examples: Roman Empire
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Stage 3-Feudalism

This as a strict society where there was one ruler and he had advisers and the advisers had underlings and so on. There was a large gap between nobles and peasants. There was an increase in needs for goods/services. Then a new class emerged-merchants. Merchants were peasants who sold goods. Soon some merchants were as rich or richer than some nobles. Originally nobles had owned all the production. Now there were merchants, but no wage earners which led to an economic revolution. Examples: most medieval societies
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Stage 4- Capitalism

Capitalism is a society with two classes-employers and employees. This is where employees are paid for a fraction of their work and the employers get the big bucks. Capitalism would be where all production is owned by one person, powerful countries would overtake weak ones to access resources cheaper, or one company/provider gives all of one single resource. Capitalism is entirely focused on profit for the employer not the employee. Failing of Capitalism: working class are uneasy, being paid for a portion of their work would rise up and take over factories. Examples: U.S., UK
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Stage 5-Socialism

Socialism is a society where production is run by workers, the economy is organised based on need, and there are no wages. The 1st step of communism, if it works, get rid of left over parts of capitalism. Flaws in socialism: large government, high government spending, high taxes. Examples:China, Denmark, Sweden. Not full socialist, never been fully done.
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Stage 6-Communism

Communism is a society with no laws, classes, or money. All goods would be distributed based on need, everything needed is provided, everyone is equal. There would be no government. This also has never been fully done.
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