Who are the Nazis?

The Nazis were Germans who took power of Germany and then the rest of Europe. They were people who wanted community of Native Germans.

What does the name "Nazi" stand for?

The word Nazi stands for the National Socialist German Workers Party.

The 4 facters that contributed to the rise of the Nazis and Hitler.

  • Hitler becomes chancellor.
  • He took away the people's civil rights.
  • The President dies. Hitler gets rid of the office and he takes over.
  • Adolf Hitler takes over France to show the rise and power of Germany.

Who were the SS?

Stormtroopers were the soldiers who took control and monitered the people.

What were the four main ways that Nazi's tried to control the public opinion.

  • The Newspaper they made.
  • Propaganda speeches.
  • Anti-Semitism Parades.
  • Segregation.