Tools in Project Management 2

Elliot Robinson

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

These systems are defined by the rules set and allow the users to not have manipulate or review all the raw data manually. The rules can be changed to suit the needs of the user and to perform exactly what the user needs and/or wants it to do. This systems intelligence can vary widely from automatically creating graphs from recorded registers in school/college/universities to controlling machinery in a factory to create air vehicles or boats.

Predictive Modelling

This is the expectation of a any information system, it means it will predict the outcome and can help organisations to get an understanding of what the future may hold for them. This is very similar to forecasting in organisations to get the idea of sales and outgoings, and to see if it will rise or fall. An excellent example of this is a store or company that have predicted that their busy period is in the middle of summer so they can hire more stuff in advance to cope with the rise of demands.