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Clean up your Drive with G Class Folders!

If you have ever become overwhelmed with students sharing documents with you, cluttering up your "shared with me" folder, then this one is for you! G Class folders is a script to create custom folders that are automatically shared with teachers and students as well as segregated out not only by class/subject but also by individual students. Making it extremely simple to stay organized, share documents with students, and have students share them with you. This is an excellent way to let your Google drive help manage your students and different classes. See the image below of my fictitious class "Awesome History" to observe how the organization can be set up for your classes. Easy as Pie!

Classroom Uses

Implementing in classrooms: Interactive quizzes and activities with immediate feedback. Ticket out the door. You can have students work at their own pace, or you can control the pace of the quiz/activity.

Use the “Single Question Activities” for quick, visual feedback. This could be used for more “on the fly” types of questions, perhaps to redirect any misunderstanding of the students.

Benefits: Students do not need to create an account or log into Socrative to use it! This site is completely CIPA and COPPA compliant!

Media Center

Stop by your Media Center and speak with your friendly Media Coordinator about the multitude of resources available to you and our students! These resources include: Discovery Education, Culture Grams, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Learn NC, just to name a few. Please utilize the resources that are already available and save yourself some time searching the internet on your own!