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We start each day with a morning meeting. We begin by greeting one another, and then we share important events from our lives. This month we're focusing on self-love! We are feeling thankful for all that we have and our hearts are certainly feeling full this month!

Winter Fun

Winter Party: Snowman Contest

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Here's what's happening this month:

Informational Writing

I am unbelievably proud of how hard my students worked on their informational books. I was also impressed with the variety of topics they chose to write about. We have a very talented group of boys and girls. Last week, after publishing their final drafts, they shared their books with the class. The book are BEAUTIFUL and we can’t wait to share them with you. I will send all published writing pieces home at the end of the school year. Until then...check out the sneak peek below…

We are now moving into a persuasive writing unit.

Math Corner

Fraction Fun:

We have certainly found fun and engaging ways to represent the parts of a whole: we have used Twizlers, Hershey's Bars, fraction tiles and much more. We will continue to work with ordering, comparing and finding equivalent fractions using number lines and other models.

Science/Social Studies

Discovering Culture:

It’s so wonderful to see our students learning about the lives of children from around the world. culture consists of unique customs and traditions that have been passed from one generation to the next.

Food Chains:

In science, we continue to explore food chains and food webs! All living things need energy to survive, and we have learned that all living things get energy from the food they eat. Food chains show how energy is transferred from creature to creature. Students are learning the roles of the producer, consumer and decomposer in a food web!


December Words: Please continue to practice these words as needed!

by, buy, didn't, doesn't, general, governor, something, sometimes, one, unhappiness, winner, won, your, you're

*Practicing one word per day is all it takes!!!

Tanglewood Movie Night

Friday, Feb. 9th, 7pm

60 Tanglewood Drive

South Glens Falls, NY

Minion Mania!!!

Valentine's Mailboxes Due

Monday, Feb. 12th, 9am

60 Tanglewood Drive

South Glens Falls, NY

Our class will vote on 3 winners during our Valentine's Day celebration!

Tanglewood Walk-a-thon

Friday, Feb. 16th, 1:45-11pm

60 Tanglewood Drive

South Glens Falls, NY

Raising $ for the SHMD!!!

Mrs. Barton

Third Grade Teacher