Chicanos for Equality

Food, Work, and Schools

Until we are given working rights...

Boycott grapes, so the ranch owners have no source of income. This will give them no choice but to agree with our working condition requirements.

Stop working for ranchers that don't support our rights!

Join us and unite for equal rights. We deserve better pay for our intense labor we do day in and day out. And we deserve to be treated equally, no matter what we look like or where we came from.


Cesar Chavez

Leader of these movements, organized events

Corky Gonzales

Elect Gonzales to office, he will support our equality

Desegregate ALL aspects of school, including sports

Several young girls were not allowed on the cheer team because they were Mexican. If all people are supposed to be treated equally, then these girls should have the memories of joining the cheer team. It's not fair to discriminate or judge someone just because they are different from everybody else.