Noticias de la Semana

March 23 - 27, 2015

Academic Update

Math - This week we are focusing on multiplication again! Topics include: using mental math to multiply, estimate products, partial products and multiplying larger numbers.

Literacy - We are still marching along with our writing projects. I love the creativity and ideas that I'm seeing as the students move from their rough draft to their final product. The part that has been the most surprising to the kiddos is when I tell them they are going to grade themselves on their work! I like this idea because it gives me a better idea of where students believe they are academically. :-)

Intercambios: Students are finishing their plant unit with Sra. Trelles this week and will be with Sr. Martínez next Monday. They will be studying light/light properties.

Spelling: There is a big similarity in the spelling words this week. They are all MCA math vocabulary! One is the Spanish word; the other is its English translation (datos/data, survey/encuesta, etc). We will be reviewing these words all week this week!

Monday smile :-)

Big image







gráfico de barras







data – information from a survey

survey - a question or group of questions that people take

results – possible responses/outcomes from an experiment

classify – grouping facts/objects, etc that have shared characteristics

bar graph – a graph that uses bars to show data

figure – shape that uses any combination of points, lines, and

flat sides (simple shape)

solid – (basic definition) three dimensional shape

face – flat side of a 3D shape

edge – the “line” where two faces of a shape come together

vertex – (basic definition) the corner of a 3D shape