1.) Creole or creolized language- A language that results from the mixing of a colonizer's language with the indigenous language of the people being dominated

Ex.Speaking a French creole in New Orleans.

2.) Dialect- a regional variety of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation.

Ex. British English, Australian English

3.) Ideograms- the system of writing used in China and other East Asian countries in which each symbol represents an idea or a concept rather than a specific sound, as in the case with letters in English

Ex. Korean Characters

4.) Lingua Franca- A language mutually understood and commonly used in trade by people who have different native languages

Ex. English in the Mediterranean trade

5.) Literary tradition- a language that is written as well as spoken

Ex. Spanish, French, German

6.) Official language- the language adopted for use by the government for the conduct of business and publication of documents

Ex. Portugese in Brazil

7.) Pidgin language- a form of speech that adopts a simplified grammar and limited vocabulary of a lingua franca; used for communications among speakers of two different languages.

Ex. Spanglish, Denglish, Franglais

8.) Standard language- the form of a language used for official government business, education, and mass communications

Ex. English in Britain

9.) Vulgar Latin- a form of Latin used in daily conversation by ancient Romans. as opposed to the standard dialect, which was used for official documents

Ex. Slang in the modern day

10.) Isogloss- a boundary in which different language usages predominate

Ex. Where exactly does the "South" begin?