Carlton Griggs New Jersey

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Renting Cars

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: A Hard Working Man

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is known to friends and colleagues as a hard working individual, who has been an asset to every place he has ever worked. He is a product of the College of New Jersey and Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he graduated with a degree in Business Management. Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is an accomplished tennis player who has been a tennis instructor, and also a varsity player on the College of New Jersey team.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: A Professional

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey has worked the vast majority of his life in a sales position. Griggs is a man of the people, a socialite who feels most comfortable communicating with the community. Griggs gets to utilize his skill and desire to be with people at a local car dealership where he is currently employed. There, Griggs guides customers to the kind of vehicle suited to their needs, and says there is a definite sense of reward helping a family find the perfect transportation for them.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey currently works as a salesman at a car dealership in New Jersey. Griggs has much experience in the sales field, and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management from the College of New Jersey. Stemming from that degree, Griggs would find his true competency in the art of sales itself, and consistently become one of the top sellers amongst his company. Griggs has since then become master certified through Mazda, and has extensive knowledge and experience in his field, making him a shining example of a good salesman. Griggs professional success comes from a sense of integrity and honesty he says, and his social skills simply stem from a natural and genuine care for others. Griggs says that honesty is easily the best policy, and giving customers a great experience by treating them respectfully and tailoring to their needs is the hallmark of professionalism in sales. Griggs knows that the key to return business all hinges on customer satisfaction, and says that the reason he has experienced such success in the field is because he is willing to go above and beyond what is mandatory to make sure that each of his customers receive the experience they expect and deserve.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Man of Many Hobbies

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey believes that a life spend inside, is a life wasted. Griggs knows that work is important, but also that play is equally important. Finding constructive, enjoyable ways to wind down are key not only to the success of your career, but your personal relationships with others as well. That is why Griggs has spent much of his off time exploring a number of different personal interests. Griggs knows that life has so much to offer, and wants to taste a bit of fruit from every tree. As a formal athlete, Griggs enjoys exercising in his off time, or playing a pick up game of tennis with a friend. Griggs knows the importance of staying active, and engages in other demanding outside activities like horseback riding, and skiing.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey also knows that a rest period is equally as important as being active. That's why when Griggs wants to relax, he turns to some of his less physically taxing interests such as riding a go cart or settling down to watch a good movie. Griggs also enjoys cooking, and could hardly think of a better afternoon than spending a day watching a Philadelphia Eagles football game eating a meal he prepared. After the game Griggs may spend a bit of time playing a few of his favorite video games before becoming a bit more adventurous at night, and going out to enjoy some karaoke with friends. Griggs also enjoys traveling, as well as sports cars, and joins the two loves by going to auto shows around the country, when work allows it anyway. Griggs believes that his enjoyment during this downtime is why he can excel at work, because he is happy and well rested.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Gear Head

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey attributes much of his success as a car salesman and spokesperson for Mazda to his personal passion and enjoyment of not just the job, but vehicles themselves. From a young age, Griggs enthusiasm for the automotive industry became self apparent, as he began to get curious as to just what was under the hood of a car. He did not realize at the time that later that very interest would evolve into a successful and comfortable career as a sales representative for Mazda. Before all of that though, Griggs was a self proclaimed gear head, and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty, or apply a liberal amount of elbow grease. Griggs is a tinkerer, and loves reading high performance vehicle magazines, and dabbling in after market parts and customization. Griggs even prides himself on his mechanical abilities, and performs much of the maintenance on his vehicle himself.

If Carlton Griggs of New Jersey had to pick a few stand out makes for vehicles, his top two choices would be Mazda, and Ford. The reasoning behind these picks is that Griggs believes that both companies set a standard of reliability and quality that is unrivaled in other areas of the automotive industry. Both Mazda and Ford provide durable, high quality parts and vehicles that are designed both to go the distance, while not sacrificing things like performance, or economy. It is for that reason that when Griggs was offered a sales position at Mazda, he was ecstatic, and more that happy to take the position. Though Griggs is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field, he said he still learns something new every day at Mazda, which he believes is the most important trait in a good job.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Tennis Star

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey has played tennis for most of his life, and he is a highly accomplished player. He was the star player on his high school varsity team, and went on to play on the varsity squad when he was a student at The College of New Jersey a few years later. And after that, he spent one summer as a tennis instructor at New Jersey's Haddon Hills Tennis Club, offering instruction to young and old players alike.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey began taking his tennis seriously when he was just seven years old. At that age he was already a tournament player learning how to play under pressure. By the time he was in high school he was undefeated over a two year stretch, racking up a 34-0 record. Carlton Griggs of New Jersey had a 45-1 record in dual-match play, and went 62-5 overall.

As a high school player Carlton Griggs of New Jersey was known as a quiet person, so some of the people close to him were surprised by his musical tastes, which included Marilyn Manson and Fear Factory. The music had charms that stirred a savage beast within. "It usually psyches me up and gets me going," he once said to a bemused reporter sent to interview him. "It doesn't make sense, but it's just the way it is."

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey kept getting better and better as a high school player, attracting a lot of attention in local tennis circles.

"It's better competition for me," he said at the time. "I would like to see where I stand in South Jersey. The wins are nice, but I just try to go out there and play my best; hopefully I will do well."

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Learning to Cook

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey had only been at his new job at Wayne Mazda in Wayne, New Jersey about six months when he was regularly hitting sales goals and receiving bonuses. His success at work is a reflection of his personal determination to do his best at whatever he is doing, his love of automobiles, and his business acumen.

When he isn't at work, Carlton Griggs of New Jersey has many ways of filling his time. One of them is by cooking. Cooking, he has found, is a great way of tapping into his creativity. It's also a great way of eating well, while keeping the lid on the cost of food.

For people who are just learning to cook for themselves, Carlton Griggs of New Jersey says there are some things to keep in mind in the kitchen. One of the most important things to remember, he says, is that success is not always guaranteed. So it is important to pay attention to what you're doing. He says that he likes to read a recipe two times before he tries making something he's never made before. That gives him a good idea of the general order of adding ingredients, and what to do next. He advises having a copy of the recipe close at hand as you proceed, so you can have a quick reference to check if need be.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey says that when it comes to cooking, he has learned that the important thing is to have fun and to practice. Even if things go wrong, you aren't going to burn down the kitchen. So don't stress out over the process. Keep on trying, he says, and you'll be fine.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Horseback Riding

Carlton Griggs grew up an outstanding tennis player, good enough to make the varsity teams at high school and at the College of New Jersey, where he was a starter on the tennis team. Today, long after his competitive playing days came to an end, he still likes to get out on the court and hit the ball.

But Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is interested in many other forms of physical activity, and one them is horseback riding. Carlton Griggs of New Jersey knows from first hand experience that horseback riding can be a serious and physically demanding workout. He says that it's a mistake to think that the horse does all of the work. The facts are that that it takes balance, strong legs, and a stable core for a rider to stay in the saddle, no matter what style of riding it is.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey says that the two major styles of horseback riding in the United States are English and Western. Some riding stables, usually referred to simply as "barns," offer training in both, but many others specialize in one or the other. The two styles use different equipment, also known as "tack," and the riding ergonomics are completely different.

As Carlton Griggs of New Jersey knows, maintaining the correct body posture while in the saddle takes a lot of strength. Controlling the horse through a series of gaits requires a lot of leg and inner thigh strength.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey says that people should approach horseback riding like they would any other sport. Wear the right gear, including safety equipment, stay hydrated, and be prepared to work hard.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Rock and Roll

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is a Certified Mazda Sales Consultant who has a degree in Business Management from Fairleigh University. He is known as a hardworking person who is fully committed to any project he undertakes.

He also has many outside interests that occupy his time when he isn't at work. Carlton Griggs of New Jersey enjoys traveling and riding horses, going to the movies, playing video games, and driving go-carts. He also enjoys playing tennis, and is an accomplished player.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey also likes listening to rock and roll. One of the great things about rock and roll, he says, is its ability to integrate generations of its listeners. It can not only influence its listeners, but has the power to sustain itself through generations. Rock and roll, says Carlton Griggs of New Jersey, is also a great way to release frustrations. As Pete Townshend of The Who once said, "Rock and roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them."

Another thing that Carlton Griggs of New Jersey likes about rock and roll is the way it has influenced cultures all around the world. From heavy metal to punk, from classic rock to alternative, the genre has allowed different musical people to emerge, and music producing companies to promote musicians who are still respected and appreciated by audiences today.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey likes the words of fellow New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen: "We're here to re-dedicate you to The Power, The Passion, The Mystery, and The Ministry of rock and roll."

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Enjoys Traveling

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is a Certified Mazda Sales Consultant who works at a Mazda dealership in Wayne, New Jersey. He loves cars and he loves his job, but he also loves to travel, and thinks that is an important thing for him to do.

One of the great things about traveling, says Carlton Griggs of New Jersey, is that it has the potential to fundamentally transform him. By taking a break from his daily life, he says, he can shed unwanted habits. He thinks that traveling gives him a chance to learn about people and places that he wouldn't otherwise be exposed to, so by traveling he is always growing as a person.

Traveling is also a way to slow down the pace, says Carlton Griggs of New Jersey. He finds that it gives him a break from the fast-paced life he lives most days. All that predictability of routine is unavoidable in modern life, but Carlton Griggs of New Jersey thinks it is important to get away from it so he can recharge his batteries.

Another great thing about traveling, says Carlton Griggs of New Jersey, is that it gives him a chance to try new things. Sometimes traveling is mundane, like if he is on a business trip that requires him to make and keep a series of appointments. But sometimes he finds himself engaged in activities that he would not otherwise be doing. By pushing his boundaries, Carlton Griggs of New Jersey finds he gets a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence that can translate into a positive attitude when he gets back to his everyday life selling cars in Wayne, New Jersey.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: The Philadelphia Eagles

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey was born and bred in the Garden State, but is close enough to Philadelphia to have grown up a diehard Eagles fan.

He says it isn't always easy being an Eagles fan, but there is hope for the future. It has been more than half a century since the team last won an NFL championship – long before Carlton Griggs of New Jersey was even born. The team has only been to two Super Bowls, and both of them ended in bitterly disappointing losses.

But Carlton Griggs of New Jersey and legions of Eagles fans like him have never stopped caring about the team. They say that the die-hard fans like him bleed green, a reference to the team's uniform color.

The Eagles lay at 67,000-plus seat Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia. The facility, as Carlton Griggs of New Jersey knows, has excellent sight lines from just about every seat in the house, so even if he only scores tickets high up in the stands he has a great view of the action on the field. There is also a giant HD video screen to take in the replays.

There is plenty of reason for Eagles fans like Carlton Griggs of New Jersey to have hope for the Eagles in the coming 2014 NFL season and beyond. Quarterback Nick Foles had a breakout year in the 2013. In Week 9, he became the second NFL quarterback to post a perfect passer rating of 158.3 while passing for more than four hundred yards. He was also the first quarterback to post a perfect passer rating and through for seven touchdowns in a single game, in one of the most remarkable games Carlton Griggs of New Jersey has even seen. So there is, Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is confident, hope for the future.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey: Business Management

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey attended the College of New Jersey and Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, where he earned a degree in Business Management.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is known to friends and colleagues as a hard working person who give one hundred percent to whatever he is involved with. At present, he is a Certified Mazda Sales Consultant working at a Mazda dealership in Wayne, New Jersey.

He has called upon his training in business management in several of the jobs he has had. Carlton Griggs New Jersey has communicated using the language of business as a Manager Trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where he provided a high level of customer service by assisting customers and assessing their automobile rental needs, both in person and on the phone.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey decided on majoring in Business Management almost by default. While he was and is interested in business, he settled on the major by eliminating those things he wasn't interested in. He also wanted something practical that would apply to many areas of business. At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Carlton Griggs of New Jersey established new business relationships with several insurance companies, and increased the number of referrals the company got every month by holding competitions between insurance agents and auto body shops.

As a result of these and other strategies, Carlton Griggs of New Jersey consistently placed in the top fifteen of the monthly sales ranking system, and received recognition for outstanding protection product sales throughout the fiscal year.