Facing Adversity

By: Keegan Murray

Losing to Wining: Problem Soulotion

These girls on the basketball team had problems from many things such as drugs and alcohol one possible solution is to go to this school. This makes it beneficial because they can change there life in a positive way. This could be on the negative side because they could face adversity for being different than everyone else. Therefore this probably can work because most of these people can face adversity by the time there done there as a result it should work.

Wrestling friends with differences: Compare and contrast

There were many similarity between leroy and Damrian in the tv show. There are many like the both wrestle, and they both go to the same school, and they both get money raised for them to go to college. The main difference were that leroy went to video game college from the money raised. Also Damrian used the money and he went to judo trying in Colorado.

Jackie's change: Cause effect

The reason Jackie got called up to the majors was because of Branch Rickey who picked him over other players. If Branch Rickey hadn't brought up Jackie the whole world and baseball would of been changed forever and never be the same. Due to racism during this time period this was very difficult to make this happen. This explains why most of the fans didn't agree with this decision.