KMS Parent Newsletter

Welcome to the 21-22 school year!

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Mustang Round Up

  • Start in the large gym for campus orientation and find out group assignment
  • Access your schedule on Skyward using your iPad or phone

  • Group A

    1. Walk your schedule and pick up wrap pack

    2. Visit the smaller gym and stop by each table (PE uniforms, spirit wear, PTA membership, Yearbook, Art fees, etc).

  • Group B

    1. Visit the smaller gym and stop by each table (PE uniforms, spirit wear, PTA membership, Yearbook, Art fees, etc).
    2. Walk your schedule and pick up wrap packs

If you are unable to attend, be on the lookout for our orientation presentation in the next newsletter.

First Day of School & Times

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Wednesday, August 11 - 8:55 a.m. 4:10 p.m.

  • Doors open at 7:45
  • Students can ride the bus or must be picked up at 4:10 p.m.

School Supplies

We are thrilled to offer Wrap Packs for our students or you are welcome to purchase them on your own. Here is the link to the lists and wrap pack options. Use code KIL014. The deadline to have the supplies delivered to the school has past but you are still able to order them and have them mailed directly to your home.

What you will see on the wrap pack list is what the student will keep- but the price reflects the supplies the teachers keep in the classroom as well.

Estamos encantados de ofrecer los paquetes de utiles listos para nuestros estudiantes o puede comprarlos por su cuenta. Aquí está el enlace a las listas y opciones . Use el código KIL014

Lo que verá en la lista de Utiles es lo que el estudiante se quedará, pero el precio refleja los suministros que los maestros también guardan en el aula.

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Cell Phones

Students are welcome to bring their cell phones to school- but they MUST be kept in their backpacks and out of sight. Students should not be on their phones during class at all. Cell phones tend to be a huge distraction- students are often in group chats through text, snap chat, and other forms of social media. This causes the student sending the message as well as the students receiving the message to be distracted from their learning. Students will be able to check their phones during passing periods. If students are caught on their phones there will be warnings and then consequences. We appreciate your support with this! Finally, as one parent to another, I strongly encourage you to carefully monitor what your child is doing on their cell phone.

We do utilize a lot of technology during the day- all on their school iPad and Mac Airs.

Los estudiantes pueden traer sus teléfonos celulares a la escuela, pero DEBEN mantenerlos en sus mochilas y fuera de la vista. Los estudiantes no deben estar en sus teléfonos durante la clase en absoluto. Los teléfonos celulares tienden a ser una gran distracción: los estudiantes a menudo están en chats grupales a través de mensajes de texto, chats instantáneos y otras formas de redes sociales. Esto hace que el estudiante que envía el mensaje, así como los estudiantes que lo reciben, se distraigan de su aprendizaje. Los estudiantes podrán revisar sus teléfonos durante los períodos de transición. Si los estudiantes see quedan en sus teléfonos, habrá advertencias y luego consecuencias. ¡Agradecemos su apoyo con esto! Finalmente, como un padre a otro, le recomiendo encarecidamente que controle cuidadosamente lo que hace su hijo en su teléfono celular.

Utilizamos mucha tecnología durante el día, todo en el iPad y Mac Air de la escuela.

Counselor Corner

Resources for Parents & Caregivers this Summer from LISD Social Workers