Daniel Razo


Something i wont change my mind about

There's many things i wont change my mind about and the most important one is finishing school and going to collage. I have goals as well as a future that i plan on accomplishing with hard work and dedication. Everytime i come to school i come to lean n be better at every subject to be successful in my life n achieve the career i want to be when i grow up. I know it wont be easy but ima reach n do watever it takes for me to be a good successful person in life my parents had a rought time because they couldn't finish school and ima do something so they can be proud of me.


Future Goals 📓📝

Me personally i have many goals i want to achieve in the years by my main goal is to graduate with all my credits and successfully get the career i want to be. I know for that im going to have to work hard and give it my best n im willing todo all it takes for me to reach it. Next, i have a more like a personal goal and it's to get better at being wat I'm more passionate about and that's b ing a goalkeeper. I loved playing that position because I enjoy blocking goals and diving for the ball it's a fun thing to do and i really recommend people to try it. With the help of all my family, friends, and everyone around me im confident that im going to reach my future goals in life .

Personal Motto 🏆⚽️

I figured that you all ahould know i love to play soccer and the motto i use to keep me going n never giving up on my dreams is, " Nothing Is Impossible. " Many people give up on wat they always wanted because others tell them they can't do something when in reality that supposed to make u work harder so you can prove them how weong they were about ur capability and capacity. Nothing is to difficult to accomplish all it takes its hard work n full determination from yourself.

Facts About Me 👌🏻

  1. ~ SOCCER IS LIFE ⚽️