Charlotte Cripps


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Where I am from!

I grew up in a small country town in Westren Australia called Northampton. I attended St Mary's Primary school in Northampton and was fortunante enough to be school Prefect. I loved growing up here becuase it was so small we always made our own fun!

High School Life!

I wen to high school at Nagle Catholic College in Geraldton. This was a great experience such a BIG transition from Primary school, going from a year group of only 7 poeple to one in the hundreds!


I I love sport I play netball, basketball in tennis. For three years I played State Leaugue for the MidWest Tigers when in my third year of playing we were the State victors in the under 18 division which was really exciting! When I was 12 I was selected in the State Tennis team to go to Mackay which was also I really good experience!


Last year I went to the University of Western Australia for a Semester studying a Bachelor of Commerce, which I didn''t really enjoy so I returned to Northampton for the remainder of the year. This year I am currently studying Primary School teaching at The University of Notre Dame Fremanlte. I am really enjoying the Primary school teaching course thus far and I am really excited to enter into the teaching proffession.


I love my sport! Also I really like to sew, and I also play the ukulele!