Ferocious Allergies

By: Sean D. Period 5

He could no longer take it. The swelling and pain in his body has just started and so have the tears. Some people have reactions to certain foods or things. Allergies are a very serious problem to our society, but not everybody gets them.

What are allergies everyone might ask? They are immune system reactions that regularly would be harmless to you. The immune system is deceived in thinking certain substances can harm you. Examples of different kinds of allergies are food allergies, insect bites, stings, airborne particles, medicines and chemicals.

How can you know you have allergies and how do you get them? If you think you have allergies your doctor will take an allergy test to make sure. Allergies can be given through heredity. Which means they are given from your genes. But that doesn't mean you won't get them if your parents aren't allergic to anything.

How do you deal with allergies? First of all if you're allergic to a food then stay away from it. Environment allergies mean you have to keep your living space clean. Being allergic to medication means don't take medicines that are bad and let your doctor know.

How many people get allergies a year and how greatly does it affect people? 55% of the United States population has allergies. In 2002, 3,447 people died from asthma. As you can see it affects people a bunch.

Allergies can sometimes have a lethal affect, but not everybody gets them. I think people should know that this is a serious problem to people. I hope after this people become more cautious about sharing food with others and take care of their allergies.


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