Changing the Past

By Charles J. Wood

The Ants Invasion

The ants are coming, there are millions of ants are invading, and we don't know how to get rid of them, without killing them!

General Lopez is covered in ants!

When General Lopez was turning around, he fell off of his hover chair, and was covered in ants! Then, something unexpected happened.

An Unexpected Arrival

While nothing was going on, a voice from a different man was heard, the voice said "perhaps I can help," and he had the idea to save the town!

Water Fountains and Radio Waves

The mans name was Mr.Wyler and he use a Radio Wave Transmitter to send waves to the ants, and direct them to the water fountain. The ants were serverely dehydrated, and were looking for water.
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Mr.Wyler Saves The City!

Mr. Wyler's idea worked! Now the ants are hydrated, and back to normal!


Everything is now back to normal! The ants and the city. Thanks to Mr. Wyler!

The year is now 2322.