Flowers and Insects

P2 Curriculum Letter, Friday 14th Novemebr 2014

Key Learning Goals


1.2: Be able to use a variety of materials and processes


1.9: Be able to describe the geographical features of the school site and other familiar places


1.4h: Recording and communicating their observations-orally, in writing and through ICT

Building our Knowledge

Throughout this unit we will also be focusing on these knowledge based learning targets.

1.6: To know about the basic conditions needed for flowers and insects to survive

1.8: To know that living things grow and reproduce


1.3: To know about some of the similarities and differences between common flowers and insects in our home and host countries


Have you seen any flowers today? Where did you see them? Have you seen any insects? Where did you see them? Flowers and insects need each other. Without insects there would be no flowers and without flowers insects would go hungry.

Our International Understanding

Our international goal is 1.4: Be able to respect one another's individuality and independence. The children will achieve this goal by finding out how trees and flowers have special significance as emblems for different countries.

Other Curriculum Areas


We will be developing our knowledge and understanding of coins, collecting data and making graphs and using flowers and insects to look at symmetry.

Language Arts

In Language Arts we are focusing on Author studies. We will be studying Eric Carle and Oliver Jeffers' books and looking at how they capture the audience through their writing and illustrations. The children will also get a chance to show off their writing skills through choosing a genre of writing we have studied this year and making their own books.


In Art we will explore artwork of flowers and insects. Children will become knowledgeable about the artist Georgia O’Keefe and her style of art. To help with this project, we will develop skills in drawing, painting and reflecting on our art in order to improve our work.


In swimming, the children will be focussing on water confidence, streamlining

arm and leg actions and breathing in the main strokes.


In Chinese, we are working on Unit 7: In the Garden

- Learning about activities in the garden

- Learning about plants and insects in the garden

- Reviewing colours


In Music, the children will be continuing their performance unit, Donkey for Sale. Children will be learning how to develop their speaking and singing skills as they prepare for their Christmas performance. Throughout this unit we will be developing our singing skills: Learning how to control our voice and sing with accurate pitch and tempo.

Our learning community

The Learning journey is a collaboration between teachers and parents and we know the interest you take in your child’s work.

As we progress through this unit, it would be fantastic if you can help to build the children's knowledge and understanding by discussing the work they are engaged in at school. A few things you can discuss together are:

1) Identify and name some common flowers or insects found in your local area

2) Discuss the changes in the weather and seasons that affects the growth of flowers and the life cycles of insects.

3) If your child would like to extend their knowledge, get them to carry out research on different flowers and insects and bring it in for show and tell. They may want to visit the local library or use the internet

This is a short unit so if you would like to extend your child's knowledge and understanding, please help scaffold their learning over the Christmas break.

As always the children love having their parents involved in the learning journey. We are keen to hear from you if you have any area of experience that may lend itself to this unit. Please get in touch with your classroom teacher. Also, if you have pictures of information you would like to share, please send it to schools with your child.

Our Entry Point

Our Entry point will be an ''explorers hunt'' around the school grounds to look for different types of flowers and insects. They will use their art skills to sketch these and their knowledge of flowers and insects to name them.

Our Exit Point

We will be celebrating the children's learning with a very exciting exit point. The children will dress up as either insects or flowers. To showcase their wonderful costumes, we will have a parade in our early years assembly.

The exit point is on Tuesday 9th December 2014

Personal Goals

The personal goals we will be focusing on throughout the unit are: