Mental Illnesses and Cancer?

By Priya Chary


Mental disorders are viewed as invalid illnesses, and people who possess them are belittled, but should be seen as regular human beings- just like people with cancer.

Accept Everyone

People with these mental disorders are merely humans that have a disorder that is affecting their lives. This shouldn't affect the way people view them. In "IU study: 'Backbone' of mental illness stigma common in 16 countries studied", the author believes that the mentally ill aren't treated correctly. They are viewed down upon, and are not accepted by the average human being. As stated in the article, "...a common "backbone" of prejudice exists that unfairly paints people with conditions such as depression and schizophrenia as undesirable for close personal relationships and positions of authority."

Spread Awareness

Spreading awareness through programs will reduce the ignorance in the minds of people, and they will not take mental illnesses as a light matter. The article, "Girl Scouts Engage in the Fight Against Mental Illness Stigma with Mental Health Awareness Patch", states, "Through a program to educate and reduce the stigma of mental illness, Girl Scouts can earn a newly released patch for playing a positive role in their communities." Making more programs like this one, which is already active, can promote a positiveness towards mental illnesses, and change people's viewpoints towards them.
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Care for Mental Disorders

Mental disorders must be taken more care of. If more treatments are developed, more people will start to become cured of these mental illnesses, which will enable them to become more sane. The article, "A Solution That Now Looks Crazy", talks about the need of more treatments to develop. Because of the lack of solutions to cure some mental disorders, people are taking mental disorders lightly and are being very judgmental towards them. With the aid solutions, it will show people the seriousness of these disorders, and will make people look at these disorders in a different perspective.


Disagreeing Comment Rebuttal

  • Wasting money on treatments

If we do not cure these illnesses, they will escalate to some which is more money to cure than this treatment.

  • They are crazy and should be isolated from the rest of the world.

Isolating them will make them even more crazy because they will not have any social interaction.

  • There aren't enough specialists to help find solutions for these disorders.

With the amount of people that currently have mental illnesses, more people will have to start specializing in certain illness fields to help cure and find solutions.