Book Report

By; Wyatt Pritchard


The cherecters in the book are Emily, Devin, and Karen

The Theme

The theme of the book amulet is fiction because you canot have a amulet that has special powers and can have so much power that it can kill someone

The setting

The setting of the book AMULET is always changing like in one ch they were in the forest and the next chapter they were in a blimp hundreds of miles above the clouds


The conflict of the book AMULET is they are trying to kill the elf King but they canot get to him because he hi hidden inside of the 2nd layer of clouds where they canot get to him

Book Recomendation

I would recomendate this book to people that are more into fiction than into anything else.I love this book because it is fun to read for me and there is a full series of them. Theres 6 of themto read. If you love fiction and you like to read then this is a good book to read. I loved this book for other reasons like it was a comic and most of the time people dont like to make comics. i personilly love to read comics because i get board when i read a book with only words.