CGA Rec Newsletter

Weeks 1 & 2

Welcome Back

Welcome to our first Recreational Gymnastics Newsletter! This bi-weekly publication is intended to inform you about what to expect in your child's classes in addition to any information relevant to the recreational gymnastics program here at CGA. We hope everyone had a relaxing holiday. Here at CGA we've been busy getting ready for the Winter Session and are anxious to see everyone back at the gym.


What should my child wear to class?
Have your child wear clothing that allows for movement. Shorts, sweatpants, leggings t-shirts, tank tops, and leotards are all acceptable. Avoid zippers and buttons and make sure sweatpants are not so long that your child is tripping over them.

How early should we arrive for class?
Arrive with enough time for your child to take off their shoes, socks and any additional clothing. Coaches are available 15 minutes before and after each class to answer any questions you might have.

Do I have to stay at the gym during my child's class?
Parents are not required to remain at the gym for the duration of the class. We do strongly encourage parents of preschoolers to stay in case they need assistance with anything. The lobby is set up to provide a comfortable viewing area for parents with have a play area for siblings and free wi-fi.

How can I get pictures of my child in class?
Each session we dedicate a "Picture Week" where we invite parents and family members into the gym for an up-close look at your child's class and give you an opportunity to get some great shots of your gymnast.

Who do I speak to with comments or concerns regarding my gymnast?
We love to hear from our members here at CGA and fully encourage open communication between our staff and parents. Coaches are available the 15 minutes before and after classes to answer any questions you might have about the class, your child's progress, etc. We encourage you to talk to your child's coach first and foremost as they will be able to give you the most insight into your child's development here at CGA. Additionally, feel free to contact any of the following staff members:
Luke Stannard
Director of School-Age Rec Gymnastics
Ashley Lebeau
Director of Pre-K Gymnastics
Ian Dennehy

A Message From Miss Ashley

What should you expect in your child's pre-k gymnastics class?

The pre-k classes are designed to expose young gymnasts to the various gym apparatus and teach them basic gymnastics skills, body positions and movements. Each week they will complete a floor and bars circuit, in addition to time on the tumble track and/or a vault circuit. We end each class with play time in the pit or a game.

Here at CGA we want to build a positive relationship between your child and the sport of gymnastics. The floor and bars circuits are designed to highlight a specific skill each week along with other stations that reflect that week's theme. Don't worry if your gymnasts is not always performing the skills demonstrated at a given station. As long as they are being active, they are learning!

If your toddler or preschooler is new to the gym please be patient in the first couple weeks. The gym can be a bit overwhelming for some. We aim to keep the classes consistent week to week. This helps to establish a routine. Once your child learns this routine you'll be surprised how even the shyest child opens up in class.

I am so excited to be returning to the gym after my maternity leave. I can't wait to see all the returning students and meet our new members!

Ashley Lebeau
Director of Pre-K Gymnastics

Week One

Safety Week
All pre-school and school age rec classes will be learning and reviewing the rules of the gym this week.

Pre-K Classes
Forward Basic Skills
School Age Rec
Focus will be on basic skills giving the coaches a chance to better get to know the gymnasts in each of their classes.