by Kairi Merriam

Serbian Culture

  • Slava (or Saint Day) - They have a national religious holiday that most Christians do not. For us, It's a religious Thanks Giving. The patron saint is passed from father to son for generations. A priest will visit and bless the hosts' wine. Most commonly, we need turkey for Thanks Giving, right? Well, how about some koláč for Slava?
  • Serbians are Orthodox Christians. They celebrate Easter same as us, it is a traditional Christian holiday after all.
  • Kolo- a traditional folkoric dance that comes to many or-deals like weddings and christenings as well as theaters.
  • Serbia has some traditional foods like Ćevapi
  • Common language is Croatian, Hungarian, Albanian, Slovak, and some others.


  • They have a parliamentary republic. Aleksander Vucic is the prime minister and Tomislav Nikolic is the president.

Famous Landmarks

  1. Belgrade Fortress- It was protected by the republic of Sebia, declared as Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1979.
  2. Cegar- Battle of Cegar Hill took place here on July 4, 1878.

Current Event

  • 10 Bosnia Serbians and 5 Serbians are arrested for torturing and murdering about 20 people at a remote rail depot in Bosnia.