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Norfolk Junior High

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Bee Stock Market Crash

The Bee stock market has recently crashed to nothing but something mashed. Recently when checked this July, it was found not even to be worth a fly. When first checked in May, it was found to be at an all-time high, ten times the price of a fly or a load of hay. But last month, it was slightly decreased form at this time in June of last year to be worth a silver spoon. The source was supposedly from a trust-able bee market that had a dog that barked the word, “It.” Look forward to the next stock market from the bees who say "GEE!".


Penguins are often thought of as just stout, unusual, little waddling creatures, or the hockey team. But,there is much more than what most people think about penguins.Penguins are among the few birds that can not fly.Their wings are bone-less, making them more like flippers unlike most birds wings. Most of larger penguins live in the colder climates such as Antarctica and the Southern tip of South America. However, not all penguins live in cold climates.The

Macaroni Penguin lives in Southern Chile, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, and the South Orkney Islands. It is also considered to be the penguin species with the most pairs of penguins at 11,654,000.The penguin species with the most is the Galapagos penguin with 6,000-15,000 individuals. Penguins spend up to 75% of their lifetime in water. During the mating season,only Emperor and King penguins lay one egg, while all other species lay two eggs. What penguins feed their young and eat is mainly fish, shrimp, and small krill. To feed their young, they chew up what they are going to feed the chick, and then spit it into their mouth.To conclude, I hope that you learned a lot more about penguins ,and think differently about them the next time you hear penguins.

A review of “Cast Away”

Cast away is a wonderful movie with many unique qualities.

Here are some of my reasons for liking it. I think the movie should be eight out of ten stars because it emphasizes survival skills and how harsh it is. I would love to see it in 3-D because it has major moments in the movie that would be neat to see as if it were right there. It is also cool to me because not a lot of movies show survival like this.This could also happen in real life unlike most movies. I most of all like Wilson,the volleyball with a face of paint, which is pretty much the only other “person” stranded on the island. I also like it because it has a very good ending to it. Most survival movies don’t have a good ending unlike Cast Away.


Have you ever been asked what your favorite video game is? My favorite is Minecraft. You might ask yourself, “How do you play Minecraft?”, and “What is the point of Minecraft?”. Well, since it is my favorite game, I will explain how to play it and its point.

In Minecraft, there is really no point. You do what ever you want pretty much. Kill zombies, skeletons, creepers(explosive guys), or anything else. Or you could be a farmer and grow beets, pumpkins, carrots, or even potatoes! Or you could just be an animal butcher and just run around killing tons of animals such as pigs, sheep, rabbits, cows, or more animals.

In order to play Minecraft, you have to buy it. First when you start, click start. Next, click tutorial. Upon clicking tutorial, It will spawn you in a world. Words will pop up on the screen stating what to do. Follow what the words say and you will be ok!
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