Engaging the Net/Next Generation

Learn about different digital tools to engage your students!

Who we are and what we did...

Auvenshine, Jennings, Smith, & Shaver here! We just wanted to let you all in on what we learned throughout the last three days. This workshop really focused on student-led learning through projects, group work, blended learning, and cooperative learning. All these things were implemented with some ideas called Design Qualities (more below).

This training was meant to be two separate sessions (Engaging the Net Generation & Engaging the Next Generation). The first focusing on how to implement digital lessons and the second focusing on specific applications that can be used within these digital lessons. Our first two days were planned this way, with our third day focused on experimenting and designing lessons with our new technology. If you have questions about any of the things we are about to share with you all, please feel free to ask. Be aware, we were not able to dive into everything shared with us.

Here are some resources we used and learned about...

The following link will bring you to a full list of digital resources we were given time to play with. Feel free to be overwhelmed like we were... http://learningtechno.weebly.com/

"The Innovator's Mindset" - by George Couros - wonderful book about moving toward blending learning and student-led innovation in the classroom.

Here are some things we played with the most and enjoyed:

Plotagon - FREE app & PC download - Allows students to create a plot with multiple characters with animations.

Sock Puppets 2 - FREE app - Allows students to create a plot with sock puppet characters and include animations.

Blendspace - www.blendspace.com - FREE! Allows teachers to create lessons with youtube videos, documents, pictures, etc; to enhance the learning and instruct the students.

Padlet - www.padlet.com - FREE! Allows for all your students to place digital sticky notes on a page for everyone in the class to see.

Edmodo - www.edmodo.com - FREE! Allows you to control a digital classroom where you can share many different ideas and/or media for your students to work with.

Aurasma - studio.aurasma.com - FREE App & website! Allows you to augment a picture to where it comes to life!

Aurasma Demo
Phillip Schlechty on Design and Planning

Design Qualities - Creating meaningful technology lessons.

What are Design Qualities? These qualities allow us to change our way of designing lessons for our students based on their interests and needs. Instead of always using extrinsic reward systems, working with some intrinsic reward systems will expand the learning and influence the students to own their learning. Teachers use motivation all the time to help their students want to work at their content, but allowing the students to learn how to be self-motivated is much more rewarding for the learning.

Who "designed" these qualities? The late Phil Schlechty, and his work is continued through the Schlechty Center. To find out more, visit http://www.schlechtycenter.org/

Design Qualities (10):

Content & Substance

Product Focus

Organization of Knowledge

Clear & Compelling Product Standards

Protection from Adverse Consequences for Initial Failures




Novelty & Variety


These qualities are not to be used all at once, all the time. Instead, they are to be used two or three at a time, and should help engage students.

Design Qualities


Designing lessons with technology, when done in conjunction with these design qualities, can transform learning for the student. We shouldn't use digital tools to only enhance the content. Instead, we should create with our goal in mind, finding a tool to bring that content to life. Covering broccoli with chocolate (covering content with technology) is not the best option. So, the question we are left with is this, "Which digital tool will best accomplish my goal for this content?"