Instructional Tech Talk

February 2019 Issue 14

Change the Quality: A few of my thoughts

Time. The enemy we try to slay daily in the educational world. How do we get more out of the limited time we have to grow successful global citizens and life long learners? Is it about getting the most assignments done, focusing only on quantity, or is it about developing the quality of the work, even if we get "less" done? These can be difficult questions to reflect on and consider when we have "x" amount of time and the pressure of standardized assessments.

I enjoy observing and working with teachers and students working to break this cycle of "just getting the content in." As we dive deeper into personalized learning and "future" skills, we must consider what students will need. Students must build skills in Collaboration, Communication, and Global Citizenship. These three components cannot be learned in isolation and take work to develop. Self-reflection and peer reflection will help students develop the quality of their work and start to have students worry less about getting "X" things done in one week.

This change is happening and beginning to take a foothold. Let's keep supporting one another and our students to persevere to produce quality work over quantity. Let's continue to help one another as we learn to change or alter our practices to pursue the best from students. I think this opens the opportunity for many collegial conversations on how to best help students learn to persevere? Or, how to help students honestly give you their best the first time; saving them and you precious learning time in the long run? Continue your hard work and continue having those conversations with your colleagues. Keep persevering through your work and thank you for your dedication to the students you educate every day!

As you plan for the upcoming semester, please keep the integration and collaboration projects coming my way. I'm here to help any way I can!

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