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Mr. Egghead has robbed all of the banks in Texas and is running off to MEXICO

If he is found dead the prize is $5. If he is found alive, the prize is $5,000,000. This is Josh signing off


-1 package Knorr Pasta Sides

-1 cup halved cherry tomatoes

-2 cups baby spinach leaves

-1Tbsp vegetable oil

-1 lb. of uncooked medium shrimp

-2 Tbsps. grated parmesan cheese

Go to for directions

Texas Rolls Through Baylor

This weekend Texas beat #12 Baylor 23-17. With Baylor favored by 85%, it was a MAJOR upset pulled off by Texas. Now, Texas has beat more top 15 teams than Alabama, Ohio St, Clemson, and Iowa combined
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